Monday, March 23, 2015


This one goes out to my March Birthday Girls!
(if your birthday was last month, don't worry, I didn't forget about you, go HERE)

Shopbop has a ridiculous amount of Aquamarine inspired items out there right now, and it's making me seriously jealous that this isn't my birthstone. I think these earrings and one of these bags need to be mine, like, yesterday. ALSO was I the only one that didn't know Hunter made flats? Whaaaaaat?

March girls: here's what I've got for you:
birthday list for march birthday girls

THE KATE SPADE STUDS: you see them everywhere on this blog, and there's a reason for it. They go with everything, they are totally affordable, and they are the CUTEST gift to give (including to yourself).

THE MM6 BACKPACK: this bag is currently 30% off- and is the most awesome shade of aquamarine. Plus it's convertible to be a crossbody or a backpack- so....two birds, one stone.

THE KENNETH J LANE NECKLACE: this necklace WILL be mine- and it should be yours too. This is the kind of statement necklace that when you wear it to a wedding, everyone is in awe of how different and gorgeous it looks. Guarantee no one else will be wearing it (unless you're at the same event I'm at ;-) )

THE SHE+ LO BAG: This bag comes in 3 colors but I am loving the hue shown above. If you're a March birthday, TREAT YO SELF to this baby. 

THE HUNTER FLATS: i'll say it again, did anyone else know that Hunter Boots made flats? Whaaat? Diggin' these aqua beauties.

THE KSNY PASSPORT HOLDER: If you go on a lot of trips- for sure get this for yourself- BUT if you're going to a wedding this summer and you know the couple is going on an international honeymoon- what an AWESOME gift to give the bride, no? 

THE ESPADRILLES: This is totally a must-have Spring shoe. Comfy, casual, cute. And the color options: AH! Of course, for you March gals I went for the aquamarine color- but if this isn't your jam there's about 40 others to choose from here. 

Oh- for the shoes- worried they might not be the right size? Shopbop has FREE shipping and FREE returns within 15 days- so if they aren't perfect- there is no risk at all in paying for shipping!

Okay March birthday ladies-what gift are you getting yourself for your birthday?
Bonus points if it's something in the list above!

xo, lp

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