Monday, March 9, 2015


I've been watching WAY too much Friends on Netflix - because every time I go to put a title on a blog post, I always accidentally start it with "The One Where....". It's a habit, I tell you.

Here's what's been good lately:

This weekend was phenomenal- the weather was OUTSTANDING! I don't want to jinx it, but it actually feels like Spring. Michael and I took this opportunity to get outside and get some fresh air at a local State Park. We cross country skied on some trails we had never been on..aaaand got lost. Yup. 
Miles and miles later, after we finally made our way back to the car we walked around the park a bit and watched the sunset (and threw snowballs, duh).

You guys I've found a new love. I mean, other than Michael (sorry Michael!). 
I'll be doing a full review this week, but in the meantime- if you have already heard of RocksBox and have been on the fence about doing it- GO FOR IT. Seriously fun- this bracelet came in my last box and it was so hard to send it back!
(if you're going to sign up, be sure to use beautyandbeardxoxo to get your first box for FREE!)
love this loren hope cuff

So as for the title of this post- TULIPS.
I grabbed a bunch of bouquets for $5 each the other day and they've been making recurring appearances on my Instagram feed. #sorrynotsorry
spring tulips.

spring tulips.

life is beautiful

This week's recipe on the blog is so delicious: 
pomegranate mojito

How did you guys spend your weekend?
Fingers crossed there were tulips involved!

xo, lp

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