Friday, March 6, 2015


I love reading truly love reading other blogs- no matter what kind they are.
Because you're here- I'm going to assume that you like blogs a fair amount too, least this one.

With all the affiliate sites out there (one of which I use)- it can be hard to tell if people who you trust in the blog world are sharing products because they actually love/believe in/own them- or because they're trying to make a quick buck. 

I can say that on this here blog- I really share stuff that I only love/believe in/own.
Here's just a couple below, as shown by my Instagram pictures!

MICHAEL KORS SLIM RUNWAY WATCH: This baby gets worn EVERY.DAY.  If the phrase #armparty didn't make me want to puke so much, you'd probably see a lot more of it on my Instagram feed. Sure, $195 can seem like a lot to shell out in one moment, but when you wear it often (and get compliments on it weekly like I do)- it's so so worth it.

GARANCE DORE CARDS:  (UPDATE: these patterns just sold out, but there are more options here!) : I post a lot of notebooks, cards, letterpress, etc on this here blog - and it truly is because I'm a certified paper hoarder. I love having JUST the right card to send to someone in the right moment. These cards are perfect for specific occasions (like birthdays or Valentine's Day), or just every day "I'm thinking of you" stuff. 

THE NY TIMES 36 HOURS BOOKS: I also post a fair amount of books- because-like above- I'm a pretty book hoarder. I love these series of books- all $15-$30-feature a specific part of the USA or the World. I currently own USA & CANADA: MIDWEST/GREAT LAKES as well as USE & CANADA: NORTHEAST. 

So there you have it folks, proof that I'm not just posting about stuff for the sake of filling the blank page. I love gushing about great products/brands I find and love- which is why I share them with you! 
What brands/items/products do you stand behind?
All 3 above are 100% vetted by me :)


PS: Don't forget- through March 8th, get up to 25% off your ShopBop purchase! 

Psst: for more proof i buy things i post about ... follow me on instagram --> @lpodlich

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