Sunday, March 15, 2015


Alright guys:

Time for my RocksBox review! You've probably seen a good amount of people posting about Rocksbox on Instagram- but I'm here to answer some common questions- HONESTLY. 

If you're not interested in me blabbling, here's the quick quote:
- Rocksbox is like Netflix for jewelry - and to get a free month, signup at & use code "beautyandbeardxoxo"? -

Okay, here's the long version:
FREE month of Rockbox using code beautyandbeardxoxo

Rocksbox really is like Netflix for jewelry.
You get 3 pieces in the mail, you wear them as long as you want...and then you return them.

Here's how you start, to assure you actually get pieces you LIKE.

1. You take a style quiz. There's a bunch of quick questions to narrow down what kind of jewelry you like - gold/silver, necklaces/earrings/bracelets/rings, etc. 

2. You USE the comment sections! There are places everywhere to give specific details on what you like, and drop hints about pieces you want :)
3. You use the Wishlist- you can request specific pieces of jewelry you want. That plain and simple!
4. You leave feedback! With each box you get, there's a spot to leave feedback for each piece - likes, dislikes, comments.

The most common questions I've been getting have been about shipping- so here they are, with answers:

1. Can you keep 1 piece for longer and send the others back? Unless you buy it, no. It kind of sucks if you really like a piece, but you have to send all 3 back at a time. BUT like I said, if you like a piece a lot, you can buy it for 20% below retail price!

2. Is shipping fast? Yes! My first box actually took a long time to come- but I found out it was my post office's fault, not Rocksbox! Since that first one, the shipping has been super fast. When I sent my last box back and got my new one- it only took a total of 4 business days!

3. Is shipping actually free? Yes. Shipping and Returns are totally free!

4. What are the hidden costs? Hah. I asked this question too. There actually aren't any- using "beautyandbeardxoxo" by March 19th and you get the first month free - and then after that it's $19/month. Shipping and returns are free!

5. What if you get something in your box you don't like? This has only happened to me once- I got a necklace I didn't totally love- so I just put a comment on the return form when I sent the box back! 

6. Are you getting paid for this? Hah, not to post about this, no. But like any referral program nowadays, you bet your sweet bottom I get perks. Use code "beautyandbeardxoxo" and YOU get a free month, and I get credit towards Rocksbox. BUT WAIT. Before you get all high and mighty- once YOU sign up for Rocksbox, you'll get a code too- which means YOU can pass it along to friends/family/coworkers, and get the exact same perks :)

7. Is it all gaudy statement jewelry? NO! There is something for everyone. I've gotten bold, bright Loren Hope pieces as well as delicate, simple Gorjana pieces. You get whatever you specify in your comments!

8. Is it worth it? For me, for right now, yes. As we're approaching wedding season I have a TON of weddings coming up (and bridal showers and bachelorette parties) and it's going to be awesome to have a constant flow of new jewelry to wear! Honestly, I don't know if it's something I'd do year round, but right now, it's worth it!

If you are still skeptical, send me an email : beautyandbeard(at)gmail(dot)com.

So don't wait! 
Use code "beautyandbeardxoxo" by March 19th for your first box for FREE!

xo, lp

Want to see some of the awesome pieces I've gotten?


  1. I tried Rocksbox years ago when they first started out and I really loved it. I had been getting so many boxes so I needed to scale down, but this is making me want to check them out again!


    1. i totally feel you! i went for a while where i was getting naturebox, jewelmint, and a few others so i totally scaled down -- but this is one i just love!!

  2. My question is what happens if something breaks while it's in your possession? Or if you lose an earring, if your hair gets tangled in a necklace clasp, etc. I like the idea (and especially when you mentioned wedding season...holy late-20s wedding surge), but I don't want to deal with worry about huge fees to replace something.

    1. i asked that too!! they said that they understand that accidents happen, and that part of the $19/month fee is built in insurance so you're covered--- officially they say this:

      Your membership includes a small insurance fee, which covers normal wear for all products. If there is slight damage or wear (e.g. lost earring back, a stone falls out, etc.) this is fully covered. If you have any damage or loss issues, don't worry, but please email us immediately at

    2. Oh that's great then. Thanks for getting back to me! Maybe I'll have to try it out this summer. :)

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