Friday, March 13, 2015


You all know that I love me a good rainbow, AND I love jewelry- so why not combine the two?

Shopbop has THE best earring collection, hands down. From Kate Spade to Tory Burch to Gorjana- seriously a color and style for everyone. 
GORGEOUS Earring Rainbow! Want one of each of these!

My favorites? These ones below- clearly I'm on a Pink/Turq/Gold/Crystal kick....

For even MORE earring choices- go HERE.

Which pair would you choose to buy?
I'll take every one of these, please!

xo, lp

for more colorful things (especially in rainbow order), find me on instagram---> @lpodlich


  1. omg. how long did this take you?! It's amazing.

    1. embarrassingly, not that long. i have sooo many earrings from shopbop on polyvore- put them all together the other day when i was sick!

      (thanks ;-) )

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