Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flight Essentials

If you all ready Ashley's lovely blog StyleAsh, then you've already seen this post! A little while back when Ashley  went on vacation to Mexico, she had asked me to do a post on flight essentials & what to wear on the plane for fuss-free travel. I know some of you lucky ladies have been talking about upcoming trips [insert angry, jealous noise here], so in case you're not a flight pro- use this little guide!!

Now, don't look at this list and assume I'm a boring grandma. I promise I'm a fun 24 year old- but trust me, these are 6 necessities for flying:
 1. Whether it's dehydration from plane hopping or a baby crying in aisle 4, headaches happen. Be ready.
2. Keep bobby pins handy to keep your hair out of your way. I mean, I guess this is a necessity day-to-day, but if you're stressed out finding your boarding passes, the last thing you need is your hair up in your grill.
3. Airplanes are dry. Fact. Keep your lips from cracking!
4. Ear popping stinks, and chewing gum (and yawning!) will help the process during takeoff and landing.
5. Babies cry, old men snore, dudes play their iPods too loud. Bring ear plugs for a quiet ride.
6. Please, for the love of what/whomever your believe in, BRING HAND SANITIZER. Do you have any idea how many people touched that SkyMall magazine today? No? You don't want to. Bleh.

Yes, if we lived in the glory days of flying where it was an honor to ride a plane and there wasn't 20 layers of security, I'd be dressed to the nines flying too. Times have changed, but there's no need to look like you just rolled out of bed either! If all else fails: layer, layer, layer.

1. Layering is key, so start with a basic tee in case the plane gets hot! No one likes to be sweaty, it's a fact.
2. A big cardigan is a great way to layer- comfortable, loose, and warm enough in case the plane gets chilly.
3. Stretchy pants. Black skinnies. Enough said.
4. Flats, or other easy slip on shoes. You know you'll need to take your shoes off for security, so don't waste your time tying on tennis shoes or pulling on high riding boots. Simple, comfy flats are the way to go.
5. If you're still hoping to be stylish, make sure to wear plastic jewelry! There's plenty of cute plastic chains out there- they're light and won't set off any metal detectors. In my last flight I had a nice old TSA pat down because I was wearing a metal watch & necklace. Totally dropped the ball there. 

**Items to avoid? Anything that is tight or requires a lot of effort to take off and on. Flying should be comfortable and easy!

What are your flight essentials?



  1. Very good tips! On me and Ian's honeymoon I decided to wear a dress that had metal around the neck. Hahahah soooo dumb on my part.

  2. if i had gum and a cardigan ... i could make it.

  3. You've got it right girl! Love this post. I wish I had a trip planned to take advantage of your tips. I love the cardigan. For me it's always necessary because they are always so cold!

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  5. i'm always THAT girl with way too many accessories on in the security line! you'd think i'd learn my lesson ;)

    anywho, i would love a fabulous getaway this summer, here's hopin!

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  7. This post came right in time since I'm flying internationally today! And my outfit is so similar. Win!

  8. Oh, and I'd recommend an empty water bottle to fill up once your through security. My last flight, my boyfriend and I were dying of thirst by the time we got off the plane!

  9. Somehow I always get stuck behind the person with 500 things in their pocket. Really people? You know you're going to have to go through security. I'm a yoga pants, tank, sweater, jean jacket kind of gal. You're so right about layering.

  10. This is great! I travel a lot and all of these are important to have!

  11. Love the post but where is that gorgeous sweater from?


  12. Love the post but where is that gorgeous sweater from?


    1. artizia! here's the link


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