Monday, May 7, 2012

wild excitement

Happy Monday!
Have you all seen those commercials for "The Shops" at Target? Those geniuses curated items from some of their favorite shops around the country and brought their merchandise to the stores. Clothing from Miami, candy from San Francisco, and house goods from Connecticut are just a few of the things they feature. The candy shop had me at hello because of their salt water taffy. (for more info, click here)

In other news, please tell me you saw the story of the lady getting mauled by the two cheetahs in South Africa. Just another reason why you DON'T TRY TO CUDDLE WITH FEROCIOUS BEASTS! The best part is, the husband doesn't help her, he just keeps taking pictures of the attack. Ridiculous. 

Alright, on to Instagram Mondays:
1-3: a little view into my work wear. yes, i do wear big necklaces a lot. deal with it.
4. obama was in richmond. word.
5. part of the rva skyline
6. first friday artwalk on broad street- glowing sidewalk awesomeness.
7. bands & spoken word a block or two away from our apartment.
8. yours truly back in the day. 
9. clouds rolling in to FINALLY break the humidity.

How was your weekend? 
(here's hoping there were no cheetahs involved)

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psssst x 2. tomorrow i'm sharing my strawberry basil lemonade recipe. tune in. 

xo, lp


  1. ok, i obviously need to get some new work clothes.

  2. do I miss thee...

  3. Fun necklaces! That picture of you in the pink snowsuit is pretty cute!

  4. Fun necklaces! That picture of you in the pink snowsuit is pretty cute!

  5. I am just in love with those outfits. Too fabulous. LOVE your Instagrams :)

  6. Oh my goodness! Thank you for introducing me to The Shops! Target is my favorite passtime!

  7. I was at Target on Sunday checking out the shops...loving the Webster stuff. And OMG, I did not hear about that mauling in Africa....that is some crazy SH*T!! What a FABULOUS husband....seriously?!? Love following each other on IG! So fun!

  8. oh my gosh, little laura= so adorable. I love your statement jewels as well. PS you bought a maxi dress?! we better see an outfit post soon!

    1. oh gosh...maybe i'll have to make one happen eventually!

  9. Wow you got some fabulous necklaces going on! And I'm real confused about "The Shops" thing at Target... haha going to check it out now??


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