Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday's Fancies #22: Memorial Day

I'm salty about having to work on Memorial Day.
 Thus, I'll keep it short:
Red, white & blue of course, with some perfect star studs. Very Americana, right?
If I was going out for a picnic or to the beach, this is the outfit I'd wear! I recently bought a pair of white pants and thoroughly love them. AND I got them for $6. Yeah. I'm that good people, that good.
Bangles 1 /  2  / 3

What will you be doing on Memorial Day?

xo, lp
(sidenote: giveaway on the blog next week! woohoo!)

psssssst: i'm very anti-war, but i have the utmost respect for those who have fallen while dedicating their life to their country. between picnics and mall sales, take a minute to remember what memorial day is all about. for history on the day, click HERE


  1. Cute outfit girl. Cobalt and white is an awesome color combo. The bangles are great and I love the star studs. I'm headed to my in law's lake house for some relaxation. I hope you have a fun holiday weekend! Happy Friday!!

  2. Perfect look! I love the blue and white :)

    Laura xo

  3. Love how patriotic this whole look is. Also, those Marc Jacobs bangles have just been added to my wishlist -- especially the second one! xo

  4. Oh nooo...I'm sorry you have to work. :( I'm actually surprsied I don't because I usually have to work on certain holidays when everyone else has off (like Presidents Day etc) but luckily I do have Monday off. We're planning to have our first little party with all of our friends that we've made here so far, should be interesting! Love this outfit btw!

  5. where did you get your white pants lady? i need a pair for summer! i'm sorry you're stuck working. i am determined to enjoy mine to the fullest with wisconsin-y things (world's largest brat fest? lol)


  6. I need to find a pair of white pants ASAP, I feel like instantly add a crisp clean look to every outfit. These are great pieces for the holiday weekend!

  7. I'm sorry you have to work! What a bummer! :(
    But I love the outfit you put together! $6?! Wow, girl! You are a bargainista!
    I hope your weekend is still enjoyable, even though you'll be working. :)

  8. really cute outfit :) hope you have a great weekend! xo


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