Thursday, May 31, 2012

life's a beach.

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it's another no capitalizing kind of day. just because.
michael and i fail at beach going. here's proof:

thing 1 : michael and i went to virginia beach on tuesday, and spent a good part of the day boogie boarding in the ocean. 
the first thing i did wrong was wear a bikini.
 the second thing i did wrong was convince myself i was doing awesome & try to ride a MUCH bigger wave than i should have.
a big old wave started to break and i chose to grin like an idiot and jumped on it. long story short: it crashed over me and took me tumbling to the ocean floor shallows. besides taking my dignity it took my bikini top mostly off as i scraped the bottom and now looks like one very angry cat scratched the heck out of me. classy.
(for the record i did manage to ride other waves before said incident- and other than almost smashing into a fellow beachgoer, i was pretty successful)

thing 2: i was laying out in the sun on my stomach and had my arms stretched out in front of me on the beach and failed to notice the beach bag strap laying across my arm. i must say, the thick white diagonal tan line goes quite well with the chest scratches.

thing 3: michael is singlehandedly keeping the aloe companies in business. after his ridiculous burn last time at the beach we applied layer after layer of sunscreen on his back and shoulders....but neglected his chest/stomach because he has so damn much hair. Wellllll let's just say that was dumb and it now looks like he's wearing a t-shirt that's white on the back and neon pink on the front.

thing 4: when we first started out in the ocean on the boards we were just floating along, and michael was still wearing his brand new sunglasses. i said "hey, are you going to take those off?". well folks, per usual he didn't listen and a few waves later they were lost at sea.

thus, from now on when we go to the beach michael will be slathered with sunscreen from head to toe & i'll be wearing a full wetsuit.  we'll be quite the sight to see!

(all that being said, we did have a pretty dang good time. photos prove that, right?)

Please tell me we're not the only ones that are terrible beachgoers.

xo, lp



  1. Haha. Loved this. And you two are not alone- when we went to Mexico my pastey boyfriend applied sunscreen every hour. And still got horribly burned. Hope you guys had a great time despite that all! xx

  2. I'm so glad you came to my neck of the woods! Even though I live in a city with a beach in its name, I never really go to the beach because I always get sunburned no matter how much sunscreen I put on! Lol!
    I love your story... It made me laugh out loud!

  3. You are not alone!! I completely burn myself every time I head out to the beach. Like lobster red!
    I also have a horrible story about getting stung my a jellyfish on my eye!! It really happened!!

  4. At least your guy took you to the beach. My husband HATES the beach. Also I am the worst boogie boarder on the planet. The beach is for reading magazines and sticking your toes in sand. All other activities need not apply.


  5. Oooouch. I guess those anti-rash shirts are not nearly a cool looking as a bikini. Heal fast.

  6. Ahhah oh nooo!! That sounds exactly what happened the first time Ian and I went to the Outer Banks with my parents. I totally ignored warnings that boogie boarding in a two piece was a bad idea, and Ian forgot to reapply sunscreen when we got out of the water. The poor guy's first trip to the beach and he was completely fried. Other than the mishaps, it sounds like a fun time and a perfect way to spend the long weekend!

  7. Haha "keeping the aloe companies in business". It looks like you had a great time though! (Despite the burns and scratches!)

    A Southern Drawl

  8. Oh my gosh! HAHA this post made me laugh! Thanks SO much for linking up!! Hope to see you again next time!


  9. Ah ha! We inevitably always get burnt at the beach. I THINK we've discovered the secret by applying with sunscreen lotion prior to beaching it, then reapplying with sunscreen spray.

    Oh and I've made the exact same mistake of wearing a bikini and boogie boarding! Awful mistake...


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