Monday, May 14, 2012

monday funday

Happy Monday you lovely people.

I hope you all had a great weekend- and great weather to go along with it. It was insanely beautiful in Richmond- sunny, breezy, low humidity. (If you're from the South, you too understand why the "low humidity" part is magical)
A few fun notes from last week:

* I helped a nun buy a lined raincoat for her move back to Colombia. All while speaking Spanish. Let me just say, in all my years of schooling and living abroad, I never learned how to say "waterproof, fleece lined parka". Talk about lost in translation.

* I really, really missed seeing my mom this Mother's Day. If you're lucky enough to have an amazing mom like I do- I hope you got to see her yesterday! Being 1,000+ miles away stinks.

* I didn't realize how "in the city" we were until we went out to Belle Isle on the river yesterday. You know that fresh, summery, lilac smell of being in the woods? Yeah, that's what it smelled like. Amazing.
1&2: stripes and big beaded necklaces
3: kitchen toes
4: my true colors showing- moccasins and plaid
5: outfit details
6: dock feet
7: the best form of sugar
8: day off enjoyment
9: the best salsa on earth
10 & 11: trip to Belle Isle quarry
12: cheese plates are my favorite
13: new dress!
14: working outing.
15: sock buns alllll weekend
16: cutest pillow
17: need this table!
18: photobombing at target.

Anyone else love Chiclets too?
I know I can't be the only one...

xo, lp
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  1. I loved the weather this weekend! I was missing my mom was the first Mother's Day that I didn't get to spend with her. You're right, being so far away sucks. Luckily we are going up to our hometown in PA next weekend to celebrate my sister's graduation party so we'll get to celebrate extra for mother's day. :)

  2. Awww that pillow is amazing! I'd love that for my house!

  3. is it weird that the 'dock feet' might just be my favorite?

  4. Yup. You are the only one that likes chiclets- They lose their flavor in .008 seconds. Boo!

    1. dang. hoping you'd be with me there paige.

  5. As soon as I saw that picture with the "best form of sugar", I was like (in my head) ARE THOSE CHICLETS?! I used to worship those dang little pieces of gum :) All these pictures are great! How can you take such good outfit pics? I always have to end up cutting half my body out because I can never get the right position with my dang phone! Oh and that lime green piece - I need it ASAP.

    1. YES! Another chiclet lover. the BEST. Honestly, at first i took the pictures in front of a mirror so i could see what the screen on my phone was capturing (because when you do the flip camera on my phone it's super up close)- and eventually just got used to where it needed to be!!!


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