Monday, January 14, 2013


Happy Monday, people.
Let's get a few things straight this week:
If you're a SF 49ers fan, don't talk to me. Actually, if you're anyone other than a Packer fan, don't talk to me. Yes I am a sore loser...especially when it comes to football.

Now that I no longer care about what happens in the playoffs, my weekends are now free to drink coffee, read Martha, and get back to posting on this here blog. Cue the excitement from all of you! 
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Now, so I don't turn into a total Debbie Downer - there are a few good things I have to share this week!

Good thing 1:
I'm back to posting recipes every Tuesday, so get ready for the recipe to my delicious lemon bars tomorrow.  My goal is to find more things to bake that require a powdered sugar topping. Seriously.

Good thing 2:
Michael's aunt got me this cookbook for the holidays and it is absolutely one of the best I own. Now, I have to admit her show "barefoot contessa" is not always the easiest to watch, but damn Ina Garten knows what's  up in the kitchen. This cookbook is full of recipes that are... wait for it... foolproof, and I cannot wait to try some and share them.
(if you're looking to get one for yourself or someone you know, it's on sale HERE!)

Good thing 3:
I got my hair cut yesterday. I realize this is completely useless information for any of you, but I'm pretty happy about not looking like such a split-end scrub.

Good thing 4:
I watched the Golden Globes, and here are my thoughts:
1. JLo. What were you wearing. No.
2. Jessica Alba, you are a freaking perfect. Holy crap. Stunning.
3. Everyone should have an acceptance speech like Adele.
4. Not enough Tina Fey & Amy Poehler.
The End. 

Good thing 5:
I'm gettin' back to real blogging people. I've been here and there lately, but I've got plenty of recipes and DIYs up my sleeve for you pretty folks. In addition to that, I'll have a few posts that are a little bit more about me. Inspired by my girl {av} last week in her post about small victories, I've realized how most of my favorites posts by my favorite bloggers are the ones that serve as a window into their real world. 
Psssssst: Yes, for those of your who read long distance loving , {av}really is as amazing in person as she is on the interwebs. Here we are when I visited Rhode Island this summer- please ignore my pasty legs. Woof. 

What good things do you have to look forward to this week?
Or... for those of you majorly into pop culture: thoughts on the Golden Globes you care to share?

xo, lp


  1. i know how you feel, my team didn't even make it to the playoffs, such a bummer your boys lost :( im loving that starbucks mug! happy monday!

  2. How amazing did Jessica Alba look last night?! Seriously, it's just not fair!

    The Glossy Life

  3. I totally agree with your Golden Globes run down. There were parts that I liked, but the majority of it was a snooze fest. There definitely needed to be more of Tiny and Amy. And can I seriously be you Jessica Alba?


  4. Ok, first things first. Cranky is ok. I'm a Packers fan; you know this, so I know how you feel. I'm sort of in love with Tina and Amy hosting and realized that Kristen and Will hosting has just as much potential. And can we just note, for the record, Tina stole my joke.  Jessica Alba nailed it, Adele was too precious. Loved J-Law’s speech. Ben Affleck being genuinely stunned at both of his wins, too much for words – and having Jen, his wife finish thanking people for him, priceless.

    And lemon bars – I cannot wait for this recipe. My favorite thing in the world – our sorority cook used to make them alllll the time!

    1. make sure you check it out- i just put some finishing touches on it and now i want to make them again this weekend!

  5. I have been yearning after that cookbook...Ina does no wrong.

    I felt the same...not enough Tina and Amy but funny, nonetheless. And please Lord make me turn into Jessica Alba one day. Pleeease.

  6. those lemon bars sound so freaking good! and being cranky is fine- it's monday afterall.

  7. Lemon bars are my fave! Can't wait for the recipe!!

  8. Hi :) found you on the blog hop! Can't wait to read more of your blog!!

  9. J Lo was gorgeous. sorry, honey.

  10. I'm a vikings fan... does that make you feel a little better? Hahaha I'm looking forward to that lemon bar recipe!

    1. haha sure...maybe a little :) hope you like the recipe tomorrow!

  11. *hugs* excited for your lemon bar recipe!!

    i loved that post from AV too! so inspiring :)


  12. Now I feel like I need to buy that darn cookbook. I do love me some Ina and if you say it's awesome... it just has to be. Also, I don't mind watching Ina cook. I find her easier to watch than Rachel Ray... even on mute I can no longer watch Rachel Ray. Have a great week!

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