Wednesday, January 30, 2013


** Update: I realize I never mentioned in this post that this is not a sponsored post. I reached out to these shops on my own, and they were kind enough to offer the discounts! Purely my own, un-bought opinions!! 

Hi. This post is lovely. There. That's the only pun I'll use.
Let me start this post by addressing two groups of people.

1. To the people who love Valentine's Day: 
This post is full of quirky, creative, gorgeous cards to give for the holiday. Enjoy the pretty cards, a few discount codes, and the fact you're supporting local artists.
2.  To the people who loathe Valentine's Day: 
This post is full of cards you can give at any time to anyone you love. Stop freaking out. You can buy them now and give most of them at any time. 

Whew. Glad we got that out of the way. Let's begin.

I think there is something so special about getting valentines from smaller shops. Rather than giving a Hallmark card that literally THOUSANDS of people across the country get, you have something special and unique. On top of that, all of these cards equally double as sweet art you could frame. Really. Grab a 4x6 at IKEA and you are good to go. 

So this time around, let's buy cards for our boyfriends, girlfriends, moms, sisters, grandmas that are thoughtful, beautiful, and support smaller artists, shall we?

Allow me to share with you my favorite love-themed cards on Etsy. Some of these amazing shops have offered discount codes for all- so be sure to stop by and show them some love!

Shop 1:
It was seriously hard picking just 4 from this shop to feature.
Simple heart cards for the not over-the top lovey-dovey people in your life.
Big LOVE cards for the very over the top lovey-dovey people in your life.
Manly blue/black/texture cards for the manly man in your life.
AND Shannon is offering 15% through Feb 6th -just use code BATB15 at checkout!

Shop 2:
This shop is full of Eco-Friendly cards that I promise you'll love!
How awesome is the "you're my lobster" one? Any other FRIENDS fans out there?
All the illustrations in Kristan Lynn's shop are simple, sweet, and even quirky. Check it out!

Shop 3:
You all know I love kraft paper, right?
Bubby and Bean's cards caught my eye right away. I am completely obsessed with the XOXOXOXO card. If the brown kraft paper look isn't your jam like me, this shop has tons of other styles too! 
If any of you feel like sending me a valentine this year, feel free to send any single one of these:

Shop 4: 
I'm going to try not to go into a long diatribe about how much I love this shop. Gah. 
Reese and Jon are so dang talented- I majorly want their artistic skills. They have cards, calendars, brooches...and...crap I'm babbling. They have a card for anyone you can think of. I love the "You are the salt to my pretzel" and the foxes in love. Even if you aren't looking for a V-day cards, check out the shop and snag a few for future celebrations. 
Jon & Reese are offering 10% off all orders through 2/28 with the code HSWBB10. 

So there you have it. 4 amazing, talented, artsy shops to love and support.

Which of these 4 shops is your favorite?
Clearly you know I can't pick. They're all too good!

xo, lp

Pssst- those discount codes are good for a while, use 'em up team!


  1. These are all so dang adorable. Seriously, I want to just buy them all and give them throughout the year, just because!

    The Glossy Life

    1. right!? they are so cute for year round love notes :)

  2. The kraft paper ones literally stole my heart! They are so cute!!!!


  3. oh my gosh, love these! it's so dangerous when you post about etsy shops because i always place an order.


    1. hahaha sorry! they are so cute! AND on a discount?! yes!


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