Thursday, January 10, 2013


Oh hi.
I've been hiding from you all again, because somehow I am still sick. Lame.

So, to make up for my lack of cool blog posts, I will bring you and extra special pretty one today. That's how much I like you all! 

You all know about Society 6, right? Well if not, fear not. Society 6 is a kick butt site in which artists/photographers can upload their work, and Society 6 will transform it into framed art, pillows, stationary, iPhone covers, and more. So you can browse to your heart's content to find affordable art for yourself or others that supports local & awesome artists.

Now, I have my favorite on Society 6... Louisa Podlich's photography...and I am completely biased because she's my sister. But you know what, all famous artists and photographers had people who were biased about their art, but that didn't make them any less great. 

Here is some of her work on Society 6- and you can get all of it now with free shipping until the 13th!

How gorgeous is this shot? Gah. 

Now if you want to support my sister, or other awesome photographers/artists- check out Society 6 for free shipping on gorgeous pieces until the 13th. 

Which of these pictures would you choose and what item would you turn it into?
I think I'll take that gorgeous plant picture on a pillow, please and thank you Louisa!

xo, lp

psssssssssssssst: don't need any art but need a real life photographer? yes, my sister is an actual, real life photographer. find her website here, fools. 


  1. your sister is so talented! (mine too for that sake!)-- blame it on good genes right?! ;)

    I personally love the breakfast scene, i would love to have that in my kitchen!

  2. I love Society6!! Your sister has some serious talent, lady!

    The Glossy Life

    1. thanks lady! i think she's pretty dang good too!

  3. I would turn Gold Medal Flour into framed wall art. Most of our wall art is Mpls/St. Paul themed.

  4. Your sister seems muy talented!! Hope you get better soon, Laura :)


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