Monday, January 7, 2013


Happy Monday you pretty people.
For the first time in a couple weeks it really is a happy Monday, because Michael and I are mostly done being sick (knock on wood). We had grand plans to go out with friends Friday, and go to Lambeau for the Packer game Saturday...but our illness trumped the fun. Womp-womp. 

Clearly I have a  few good things to report, or else I wouldn't be here to waste your time! Most pictures this week will be via Instagram, with the exception of M's iPhone 5 panorama debut.

Good thing 1: 
This little ring holder kind of adorable, right? Only my 4 favorite rings are welcome on it:
(cute jewelry holder can be found here $8 // Gorjana gold initial ring found here $30)
-other rings: Etsy, Gorjana, Madewell (all sold out. sorry friends!)

Good thing 2: 
This outfit, which I lovingly call "someone forgot to tell Laura the holidays are over" outfit. In my mind, green + plaid is pretty enough to be welcome all winter.

Good thing 3: 
My cool new spiky necklace. I am probably not badass enough to wear this thing, but I'm going to anyway.
(spike necklace can be found here for $7!)

Good thing 4:
Probably the best thing this weekend was the Packer WIN!! A playoff win is always amazing...especially when it's against the Vikings. This week I had to choose my Acme Packers jersey to support my boy Clay:

Good thing 5:
Sunday was completely gorgeous in Madison. Michael and I decided some fresh air might be good for a change, so we ventured downtown to visit our old college campus and town.
The Madison Museum of Contemporary Art was looking stunning, per usual:

AND Michael got the iPhone 5 the other day [insert extreme jealousy here] and tried out his iPhone panoramic camera for the first time. It's kind of amazing:

How was your weekend?
Anyone know a good place to print out iPhone panoramas?
Help a girl out!

xo, lp

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  1. I love those little bunny ring holders. Turns out, one of my friends just got them for Christmas, too. I knew I recognized them from somewhere!

    The Glossy Life

  2. Um, I have the iPhone 5 too....where in the heck is the panoramic camera???? Am I a complete moron????? Love the bunny ring holder....adorable. Glad you guys are feeling better!!

    1. Pull up the normal camera and select "options." Then select "panorama."

      -The Beard

  3. I miss Madison

    I think you should give a tutorial on how you do your hair!


    1. come back to madison!! i'm trying to figure out how to do a hair tutorial- i've gotten a bunch of requests so i'll try and make it happen soon!

  4. Love the ring holder, that is too cute! I found a cute owl one at TJMaxx, i'm always on the look out for a cute little jewelry holder!

  5. That ring holder is adorable! I love the spike necklace! You definitely pulled it off :)

  6. I love the combination of the spike necklace and the stripes - very cute and you pull it off so well (:

    I have only been to Milwaukee, but I've heard Madison is beautiful as well - which seems true from the pictures.

  7. Love following you on Instagram! Madison is so gorgeous, even in the winter :)


  8. I loved that outfit you wore... totally reminded me of the holidays, but I think it's safe to consider it as a winter outfit. It's totally all winter! I can't wait to get the iphone 5... it's testing my patience since I have to wait until middle of April for my upgrade. Have a great week and hope you're feeling better. I was sick for 2 weeks too.

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  10. I love your plaid scarf and your ring holder is the cutest! xx


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