Thursday, April 4, 2013


Gosh I love doing giveaways, and this one with The First Snow was so much fun! I absolutely LOVED seeing all of your favorite items in Darah's shop- she's one talented lady, right?

Well, I wish I could give you all a bunch of free stuff, but that just ain't in the budget!
I did a double take when Rafflecopter announced the winner- my name is Laura Rachel- and the winners name is:
Laura Rahel from Laurel Lane

Creepy close, right?
Laura loved the bridesmaid paper doll garland and the gold foil "Bonjour" greeting card!
Well lady - you are in luck- because you have the choice of a print or a set of greeting cards- the Bonjour one included! We'll be contacting you shortly!

Thanks to all who entered- stay tuned for more fun to come. AND if you didn't win- don't forget to go back and check out Darah's shop!


  1. Oh my goodness I am SOOOOOO excited! I have NEVER won a giveaway before! EEKK, words cannot express how awesome I feel XD
    Thank you dear!

    The name similarity definately took a bit to get used to when I first started following your blog too haha

    1. YAY! I am so glad you're happy!!! Darah and I will be emailing you soon!

    2. Can't wait :D thank you!

  2. NOT FAIR.

    I think I definitely jinxed myself. womp womp.

    1. :( sorry lady! wish i could rig it for ya!


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