Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Let's talk liquor. 
I'm mainly a whiskey girl, and in general avoid fruity drinks like the plague. 
Ever since an...eventful...night in college that involved wayyyy too many colorful, candy-like cocktails I can't quite stomach those sugarbombs like I used to. Don't get me wrong- nothing is better than a lime margarita on the rocks on a hot summer day- but not too often.
Now, all that being said you're probably wondering WHY I'm writing a post about strawberry lemon vodka. HYPOCRITE! LIAR! FRAUD! Well, sort of yes, and sort of no. 
1. I had some  really crappy vodka to get rid of.
2. I was in the mood to experiment with some leftover jellybeans from Easter.
3. I figured I'll save it for a day where I'm craving sweets or have it for fruit-lovin' guests.
So here's the deal: a few times in college my friends and I made Skittles vodka, and I figured Starburst jelly beans would work just as well! This "recipe" is crazy simple and you could do it with all different flavors- I'm thinking RAINBOW vodkas, people.
What you'll need:
1/2 liter of vodka (any kind will do)
1/3 large bag of Starburst jellybeans.
How to make it happen:
1. Choose two flavors from the Starburst jellybean bag. I went with lemon and strawberry! For the love of all that is good- don't pick two colors that will make brown. No one wants to drink brown vodka. If you choose apple & orange you deserve the nastiness that is coming your way. ::shudder::
2. Pour your jellybeans right into your vodka bottle. Enjoy watching the alcohol rip the coatings of those little guys right off!
3. Wait 4-5 days, shaking the vodka + beans once a day or so. You REALLY can't mess this up. You can leave them in longer, shake more or less. This is the beauty of booze, people.
4. Because these guys have more gelatin or faux-gelatin in them than Skittles they probably won't dissolve all the way- unless you have vodka that is borderline rubbing alcohol.  You can either strain out the mini remains of the beans or leave them in the bottom of the bottle for looks. Orrr you could eat them and get super intoxicated. Bleh.
5. Put it in a cute bottle and label it with washi tape. Then pour 2 ounces out into a glass with ice & Sprite and you have yourself one delicious, sweet treat!

Watch out, this stuff is dangerous. Sweet and a little tangy-perfect with soda water or lemon-lime soda!

Are you a fan of sweet drinks (alcoholic or not)?
You might just have to try this recipe- use those leftovers from Easter!


if you do, try out my grapefruit margaritas or raspberry blueberry champagne fizz recipes!


  1. What an awesome idea! We used to drink skittles in college, too! I'm a huge fan of your vodka packaging - you should go pro ;)


  2. I'm a whiskey girl tooooo! Seriously, love it. However this looks (and sounds) pretty delicious and nice and refreshing for spring/summer. I definitely will be trying it out!

  3. This sounds like its well worth the hangover!

  4. So adorable and sounds delicious!! I think the cute tape was the perfect finishing touch!

  5. This is completely adorable! Seems like a perfect activity for the summer months.

  6. Oh I normally avoid anything sweet too, but this looks amazing! I like my margs super super limey and tart :-)

  7. Oh Em Geeee seriously? I HAVE TO MAKE THIS. xx

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    Vodka Margarita Recipes. Must visit our sites.


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