Tuesday, October 25, 2011

As They Say...The Rest Is History

The title of this post is a hint to what lies ahead, and might be a hint as to who is writing this!  Yup, it's me again.  Post #2 with yours truly, Michael.  Laura and I took a day trip down I-64 and wound up in "America's Historic Triangle."  Although we didn't see the whole triangle (sorry Williamsburg), we did find our way to Yorktown and Jamestown.

Although Laura doesn't share my excitement, Yorktown proved to be very impressive.  Yes, I understand that huge open fields and giant mounds of dirt are inherently boring.  Point, Laura.  BUT... it's what happened on this hallowed ground 230 years ago that makes it so special.  American and French forces defeated the British in what would be the final battle of the American Revolution, effectively securing our independence.  Two points, America!
British defensive lines surrounding the city of Yorktown
Further down the line, along with British flag
A few hundred yards across from the previous pictures lie the French and American positions

Victory monument dedicated to the American victory at Yorktown
 Ok ok, maybe Laura has a point.  But to think men like Washington and Cornwallis walked these very grounds and determined the course of world history....well that gets me pretty amped up!

Now on to something we both really enjoyed.  Jamestown.  The 1607 site features tangible structures that actually allow one to see what it may have been like way back when (come on Laura, like a wide open field doesn't give you the same experience?!).  Over 400 years ago, 104 colonists landed here and established the first permanent new world settlement in the name of King James I of England.  It is also the home of the John Smith and Pocahontas legend.

The approach

Just inside the outer wall

Some guy named John Smith.  Never heard of him
Well, that's all for now.  I'll leave you with a couple more of my favorite pictures from Jamestown.


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