Thursday, October 20, 2011

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives

We get basic cable for free in our new place, but the channels are all wonky. Food Network is one of the few channels we get consistently here, and the thing they've been playing lately is Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives marathons.
Since Guy Fieri is our new close friend via the TV, we decided to check out if there were any Richmond sites he'd visited and loved. (BTW, creepy picture of him courtesy of Food Network) Sure enough, just a short walk away from our apartment is The Village Cafe - endorsed by Guy for having an awesome all-day breakfast and super killer onion rings.
We headed on in and right away dug the cool water glasses... or should I say personal water pitchers:

 Our waitress was kind of non-existent, but at least the food came out incredibly fast! I got the Spinach and Feta Hot Croissant which was ridiculously gigantic. This picture doesn't even do it justice:
Michael got the Fried Chicken Club - with the onion rings Guy Fieri suggested, of course. It had everything he enjoys most: bacon, fried chicken, and cheese.
I'm not gonna lie, those onion rings were daaaaaamn good. Not only were they gigantic, but also served with a delicious homemade ranch-ish dipping sauce. Michael snapped a few pics to try to show their size- I'm pretty sure I could have slipped them over my hand and worn the things as big, greasy bangles.

 With so much food we had a billion fries left over that now sit in our fridge and wait for a tipsy Michael to enjoy later tonight. Overall, delicious meal -we'll definitely be going back to try the malts and breakfast soon!


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