Sunday, October 16, 2011

Badger Pumpkin

We needed a touch of home in the apartment, so we grabbed a little pumpkin the other day, and Badgerized (trademark) it:

Step 1: Paint it white

Step 2: Sketch out the lovely motion "W" in pencil and use a Q-tip to apply glue

Step 3: Apply red glitter, wiping off excess with clean Q-tip

Step 4: Apply thin layer of glue in straight lines with brush (or a bobby pin, which is what I went with) and add black glitter
Step 5: Let dry and scrape the ridiculous amount of white paint and glitter you've accumulated on your hands/face/pants.
Step 6: Display and admire!


  1. Okay, definitely blog stalking right now (Sorry!) but LOVING these and wishing I would have been that creative last Halloween - that motion W always stumps me!


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