Monday, October 24, 2011

Virginia is for Love...seats

As you all can see, we are little by little trying to make the apartment a better place to be in. The way we see it, the better it looks on here, the more of you will come visit! 

Our newest project was getting a couch so we could actually sit in the living room. First we were using our yoga mats as seating...

Then once we stopped at IKEA we upgraded to yoga mats + a rolled up mattress (for a back rest...that rolled... REAL smart Michael and Laura). 

We went on a ridiculous search for a couch- Target, Walmart, IKEA, online, Craigslist, etc etc etc. Did you all know couches are RIDICULOUSLY expensive? The cheapest one we found and liked was $229. Bummer. We were about to just bite the bullet and buy it when we walked past a local thrift store and spotted this baby:

 We know what you're thinking. A loveseat? From a thrift store? PSH Y'ALL ARE CRAZY!
That's what we thought at first. We figured cooties and bed bugs and more, but when we saw the $25 price, we decided it was worth it to take a second look. It had definitely seen it's better days with normal wear and tear, discoloring, and a missing back pillow- but had a good sturdy frame and not horrible odors or bugs. We carried it home (the thrift store is about 2 blocks away-and plus I'm just super strong) and I went right to work on washing any fabric that could be unzipped- which greatly helped.

 Our next step was to find a slip cover. Back to the same problem with the couch: did you all know that couch slip covers are RIDICULOUSLY expensive? Or well, they are if you want one that is not either Dora the Explorer themed or neon green. Neither of us are good at sewing- not that it matters since we don't even have a couch, much less a sewing machine. So we went back to the same calling and online searching of Target, Walmart, Marshalls, Home Goods, and Bed, Bath and Beyond. We found one we love at B3 on sale (50% off!) for $69.99. I went online and printed off a free 20% off coupon, which brought our grand total to be $55.99! Victory!
I pulled out the lovely thing and stretched out the first piece on the base of the loveseat and worked my way around tucking it in to avoid the saggy, cheap look, shown below:
 Next I wrapped the second piece around the seat cushions- this picture makes it all look funky- have faith!
Since the loveseat was missing a back cushion, we bought 2 large overstuffed pillows from Walmart for $9.88 each and covered them with piece 3 of the set.

 And finally, after a few throw pillows from IKEA and a cozy blanket, I give you, the new, improved, loveseat!! As you can tell, this was taken in our not-so-well-lit dark corner of the living room at night, which changes the color... but you get the idea!

So now we have a loveseat- which of course, seats two. This just means it any of you come visit- you'll have to perch yourselves on the yoga mats...

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