Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Green Lantern?

We're safely in Lexington, Kentucky for the night folks! We have PLENTY of stories and blog posts to share later.
Just a quick story for you all y'all here:

We got to Lexington and went to a liquor store (come on, after 12 hours on the road, we deserved a beer or two) and Michael was wearing this shirt:
This is how the conversation with the liquor store clerk went...

Clerk (pointing to Michael's shirt) : "How'd y'all like the movie?"
(Michael and I look at each other confused)
Clerk: "Yah know. Tha Green Lantern"
(Realization he's talking about THIS movie)
Me: "Ohhh. No no his shirt is for the Green Bay Packers"
Clerk: "Uh..Ohhh right, right."

We're in a land where people don't know the Packer logo. I'm scared. Reeeeally scared.

ALSO: To pass the time we played Madlibs in the car today... let's just say one of them included Oprah wearing assless chaps...

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