Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two Beds

We got to the hotel here in Lexington and went to check in without a reservation...

Us: "Hi! We'd like to check in for just the night."
Receptionist Mike: "Okay. Two beds then?"
Us: "No, one is just fine!"
Receptionist Mike: "Two people means two beds. That's the law."

Yeah, he got us good. With a stone cold straight face he told us that- so serious that when we got to our room we honestly didn't know if there'd be two beds or one.
What can we say?
We're in the Christian South!
We didn't know if since we weren't married they were serious!

We are WAY too gullible for our own good.


  1. I would have thought two rooms. But I am just an old fashioned guy.

  2. Well we all know how much you love Jesus.


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