Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pigs are flying

Check out this picture:
No, you aren't imagining it folks, Michael is pouring a bottle of wine DOWN. THE. DRAIN. You know wine has to be majorly, majorly bad in order for this to happen. No really. I'm pretty sure if you put paint thinner in a slim fancy glass bottle Michael would chill it and enjoy it with a nice steak...

 We had decided to buy some wine at Walmart. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know. You get what you pay for. And what we paid for was $5 for 2 bottles. Woof.

 So long story short:
Bottle #1 is down the drain.
Bottle #2 is resting on our new IKEA wine rack, which is where it will remain for appearances until the end of time. I wouldn't wish that wine on my worst enemy...

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