Thursday, December 15, 2011

60 cents of awesome

    I love going to antique stores, and one thing I'm always looking for is cool, old looking mason jars or glass canisters. Normally I end up finding really cool ones, but the stores are charging ridiculous prices for them, so I end up walking out empty handed. 

    The other day on my way to work I saw a garage sale - yes, it's still in the 60s in Richmond, so people still have garage sales- and had to stop by. Then the magic happened: I saw these HUGE glass golden harvest canisters. Now, I've seen these go for upwards of $15-$20 at antique shops, but when I saw them unmarked in a big pile of dirty old dishes and tea cups I had a feeling these good old folks might not realize just what they had. At first when I asked the price for all three they looked like they just wanted to get rid of them for no cost to me- but settled on 20 cents a piece. 20. Cents. 

Here they are:

 And now, after a good cleaning and filled with some necessities:

So there you go. $65 dollars worth of canisters for 60 cents!

(oh, and yes, popcorn is one of the necessities, in case you were wondering)


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