Thursday, December 1, 2011

Snowflake Garland

Project of the Day:

It's time to start the winter decorations! I love the look of white against brick- and since we have that HUGE brick wall with windows- the first decoration I wanted to make was a snowflake garland. I loved the shapes of the snowflakes in this pin:

Originally a How-To from Martha Stewart, the snowflake tutorial was found at Inspiration for the Home. You really can't go wrong with these. I mean, who didn't make snowflakes when they were in 2nd grade? The instant they let you break away from those safety scissors it is snowflake making time! In case you forgot how, here's the easy how-to:

Step 1: You'll need a square piece of paper, so cut the end of your computer paper off, and fold the remaining square in half to form a large triangle:
Step 2: Fold the large triangle in half so you have a medium sized triangle: 
Step 3: Fold the left side in towards the middle, and then do the same with the right side, overlapping the left side you just folded:

 Step 4: Cut off the bottom little triangles so you are left with a clean, folded triangle.

(Now, if you're a perfectionist, you'll need to insert a step of tracing out the snowflake pattern and then carefully cutting it out. I am WAY too impatient for that so I just started snipping away, occasionally looking at Martha's for inspiration.)

Step 5: Start cutting. Make each snowflake different using curves, squares, triangles, and big or small cuts.

 Step 6: Unfold and enjoy!
This many scraps of paper later...
 I had plenty of awesome snowflakes!
I just strung them up with fishing line and tape - total rocket science.

I got on such a kick the other night I almost made our entire place look like a scene from Elf - but I was using the scissors so long I started to rub off the skin on my knuckle. Not even kidding. How pathetic is that? I'm gonna have to turn into one of those crazy crafting ladies who wears gloves...


  1. omg so cute, I love it! ..and that brick wall and white window sills are fantastic!!

  2. Really adorable...they look flawless! <3 <3

  3. Thanks for the compliments ladies! And Maegan- I know, isn't that brick wall wonderful? Best part of our apartment!

  4. They look amazing! I will definitely try them myself next week. I also started Christmas crafting today. One of the best parts of the Holidays!

  5. Nanni- I'm sure they'll turn out great- I hope you're including them on your blog- I'd love to see them!

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