Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY Chevron Stockings

Project of the day:

As I mentioned in a recent post, I was raised celebrating Hanukkah with my parents, and thus have been adding Hanukkah decorations around the apartment (including a sweet garland my parents sent us recently!). Michael grew up celebrating Christmas- so of course we have decorations up for both holidays.

I've always thought stockings were such a cute idea, but had never had one until last Christmas when Michael's ridiculously thoughtful mother Lorie let me in on the tradition and had a penguin stocking out for me! (If you haven't figured out the love for penguins yet: yes, I am 23 an love penguins like a 5 year old. I've come to terms with it)

We have the gorgeous ledges on our brick wall that I thought would be perfect for stocking hanging. I loved these two:
(source HERE)

(source HERE)

So I decided to combine them. I grabbed 2 white stockings from the dollar store and sketched out a big chevron pattern:

With some cheap acrylic paint I filled in the pattern. (Started with grey but ended up going to a turquoise)

While the paint was drying I took the $0.25 wooden letters I bought from Michaels' Crafts and simply painted them white, sprinkled with white glitter, and mod podged over to seal it all!

Here's how the stockings looked after the paint dried:
When the letters were dried I took them and two snowflake ornaments I got last year at Target on super-clearance and simply sewed them on...

A few nails later they were hung on one of the ledges...

What do you think? Do they look more chevron or Charlie Brown? Either way, they make a great addition to our holiday decor- can't wait to have them filled!!


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