Saturday, December 17, 2011

That's a wrap.

I know you're all thinking "man Laura, you sure know how to pun it up!" Yes, yes I do. I blame it on the long hours working in a retail environment with people asking where they can find the Kardashian Kollection. 

Yes, I do know how to spell the word "collection"- but evidently the Kardashians don't. Bummer.

So, back to the blog post before I go on a long-winded Kardashian rant:

I have seen some lovely and simple gift wrapping ideas on Pinterest lately so I decided to go simple myself this year! I only got to wrap a few presents nicely- since most of them were being shipped (Sorry Mom and Dad- your gifts were tissue papered/bubble wrapped this year...) but here they are!

I picked up a roll of kraft paper - which actually IS spelled with a "k" mind you - and a ton of ribbon at Michael's Crafts for 60% off and went to town:

 A few strips of sparkly ribbon with the recipients name nice and large:
 A little box with a big and sparkly bow:
 A simple gold bow:
 I think I might like this one best, a single strip with a snowflake bow, and a paint swatch for a gift tag:

Of course, I had to use up my bright Christmas wrap too, so all of Michael's are brightly wrapped which go perfectly with our little fake tree and glittered ornaments: 

How did you all wrap your gifts this year? Whatever you're wrapping up, I hope it's not one of these:

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  1. OOOHHHH! Packages with my name on them!! Such cute wrapping!


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