Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wisconsin Gingerbread

I. Love. Gingerbread. Houses. 

I got two kits at Michael's Crafts (seriously, this place should sponsor my blog. It gets enough attention on here...) for just a few bucks each- and convinced Michael to make one too!

Naturally I made a Packers house...

With a nice big Packers "G":
A snowman and penguin made out of gumdrops:

An awesome green and yellow cobblestone path also made out of gumdrops:
To finish it off, a nice old GO PACK GO - I told Michael that someday we need to have this on the top of our house so it can be seen by anyone flying a plane overhead. Not a terrible idea, right?
Now Michael went with a Badgers theme, and started out with a sweet motion W on one side of the roof:
Aaaaand "the house that Alvarez built" on the other. He thinks he is just sooo creative.

The best part of the house was the sweet red and white chimney. Hah. To think he makes fun of me for all my crafting- and he makes this great house!

So what do you think? Who wins the Wisconsin Gingerbread House showdown??


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