Monday, December 12, 2011

Rainbow Glitter Ornaments

I'm pretty sure every time Michael sees me pull out the glitter to make another craft he wants to yell "SOMEONE HELP ME AND TAKE THE GLITTER AWAY FROM MY CRAZY GIRLFRIEND!". I guess I don't totally blame him, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop any time soon.

That being said, I shall share with you my newest decoration : mini rainbow glitter ornaments.

I got a tiny, pre-lit, fake tree at Walmart for $8. Yes, I know, I know, Walmart is a big mean corporation- but quite frankly I wanted a fake tree, and everywhere else they were $20+, unlit. Thus, Walmart. Back off people, back off.

I took a ton of tiny ornaments I had found in packs of 16 in the Target Dollar section and sorted them out- using the matte ones for adding glitter to (glue just slides right off the shiny ones).

A simple coat of glue later the glitter started going on:

Now here comes the smart part of this craft- for any of you painting or glittering any ornaments- you know how if you set your ornament down to dry it inevitably gets smudged? Well do this- take a cork trivet (mine is from IKEA for $1) and rest it on top of a glass. Stick ornament hangers around the edges - and hang your wet painted/glittered ornaments from it! This way they won't get smudged or ruined!
See how perfectly they all can dry?

 Here they are all finished, ready to go up on the mini tree!
At night, all lit up:
 Lovely clusters of colors:
 We don't have a topper so I just used another silver snowflake I got on super clearance after Christmas last year at Target- not amazing, but it'll do for now!

I love love love this little tree- and the ornaments are perfect! Which color is your favorite!?

(Sorry,  I have to ask since not only can Michael not really tell the difference between them..but also because he doesn't really give a crap. Bummer)


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE!! Your smart solution is just that, smart! I knew I liked you for a reason. I have to say the light purple one is pretty fantastic but so are the blues and greens. I can't choose just one.

  2. I have tried and tried to post comments, but they never seem to work-I will try again! Love the glitter ornaments-I bought those same ones, only I am not crafty enough to spruce them up with glitter-so cute! Love the pink and purple colored ones, although I am usually a traditional red and green christmas person, these are super cute. Craft away and tell Michael to get a hobby!! Go Pack Go!
    Love, Lorie and Mom!

  3. Carly- Thanks! Glad you love them- and I know- I have a hard time choosing just one too!

    Lorie- Your comment worked this time! Yay! Haha I will tell him to get a hobby- or at least leave me in peace while I do mine :) !

  4. Ok, I'll stop commenting soon, but I love these too! You picked great colors. And I love sparkle.

    Well, the kids are getting louder in their calling for breakfast, so I guess I'll go be mom-ish.

    1. hahaha love all the comments, you are too great!!


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