Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh you need these.

        Alright- how many of you haven't gotten around to getting your holiday cards ready or sent out? Yeah, uh-huh...I'm lookin' at you. 

Well this year- instead of shuffling together posed pictures or picking up last minute tacky winter scenes from Walgreens get these:

My sister Louisa happens to be a professional photographer, and these are her holiday cards for this year. Lovely, no?

All the information is listed on the picture, but just to say again:

4 each of 3 patterns = 12 cards + envelopes for $26.
Email to purchase yours!

If you already have your cards, but are looking for an amazing photographer for any kind of shoot, please email her or visit  to see her work. (No matter what state you're from- she does travel for shoots, folks!)

Okay, okay. I'll stop with the shameless plug so you can go buy some!

(oh, and it's her birthday today- so happy birthday Lou!)

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