Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blackberry Pie Pops

Hi. I don't like pie.

Yeah, I know, you all think I'm un-American now. 

I saw Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere make pie pops awhile back and decided they looked too cute not to give them a try! [The original How-To was from Bakerella
Now, Emily used frozen berries and Bakerella used pre-made pie filling-but I made mine a little differently, so I'll share my version!
What you'll need to make it happen (makes 8 pie pops):
- 8 lollipop sticks (can buy these at Michael's)
- 1 9 inch pre-made pie crust
- Handful of blackberries
- 2-3 teaspoons of granulated sugar
- Zest & juice of half a lemon
- 1 Egg (for eggwash)
-Parchment Paper
How to make it happen:
Step 1: Preheat your oven to 375 degrees
Step 2: Unroll your pie crust and use either a cookie cutter or knife to cut small (2 inchish) circles.
Step 3: Chop up blackberries and mix with sugar, lemon zest, and lemon juice.
Step 4: Place pie circles on parchment lined baking sheet and fill the middle with a small amount of the blackberry mixture & a lollipop stick. 
Step 5: Dabbing the outside edges with your eggwash, place another pie circle over the mixture and carefully seal closed using a fork or lollipop stick.
Step 6: Brush the top of the sealed pie pop with a bit of eggwash and sprinkle with sugar.
Step 7: Bake for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.
Step 8: Let cool slightly, and enjoy!

I have to say, for a girl who doesn't like pie much, these were pretty good...a little bit doughy, but good.

Using fresh berries definitely gave the pie pops a bright, fresh taste over the cloyingly sweet pre-made filling. 

How perfect would these be for a 4th of July party?
 I'm thinking blueberry filling for some and raspberry for others....
[see, I do have USA pride, people!]

xo, lp


  1. Mmm, these look delicious! I can't believe you don't like pie, though... I could literally eat it every day :D


  2. I definitely do not think you are un-American because I don't like pie either. Never have. Your pie pops turned out so well though! I basically just want to make everything you cook or bake on your blog.

  3. WHAT! pie pops, these are seriously the cutest thing ive ever seen. i actually love my pie; i have fond memories of sampling about 4 different kinds after the 4th of july parade every year up north

  4. I love pie. I love pie pops. I love sugar. I love you.

  5. These look scrumptious! I bet these would be great with blueberries too!

  6. These are amazing! I am not a big pie person but these images make me want to be!

  7. I have never liked pie!! and if I have to eat it... I only eat the crust part haha... but these look amazing! You such be a baker - you always make your food posts look so glamorous!!

  8. Shut your mouth...for two reasons!! 1. You don't like pie!!! 2. You made these?!?

    It is a dream come true...pie pops to go! I love any kind of pie known to man! I am impressed! You get a GOLD STAR!!!

  9. I don't like pie either! I thought I was the only one!


  10. This is such a cute idea! I really want to try this. It looks sooo good. Seriously perfect for July 4th.


  11. I've never seen such a thing- I LOVE it!!!


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