Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer so far.

So...summer has hit Richmond.
It's hot (shocking, I know).

We're finally getting accustomed to summers in the South:

1. Michael and I had our first apartment cockroach run-in. I freaked. Michael crushed the hell out of it. #win.

2. We went to Comfort Saturday night in honor of my college friend Teresa being in town and only ordered sides. I'm not kidding. We felt so Southern. Fried green tomatoes, cheddar grits, okra, beans, snap peas, mac & cheese: it was your every day carbo load heaven. 

3. It's freaking hot here, and rather than hide from the sun yesterday we got out and enjoyed every sweaty sunbeating minute of Richmond. The crazy thing was people were doing a TRIATHALON in the heat down by the canal walk. I got heat stroke just watching them. 

I haven't done an Instagram round up in a while, so here are a few summer shots of late...
(find me! : @lpodlich)

Summer necessities:
1: rainbow icee pops
2: water pitchers at The Village Cafe
3: margaritas with the Beard

Summer sights:
4: fountains by the James river
5: ocean at Virginia Beach
6: double rainbow after RVA rain

Summer wears:
7: floral, teal, skinnies
8: bright dress, wedges, turquoise
9: [work] bright blue poplin, coral pops

What are your summer necessities/sights/wears?
See the rest of mine on Instagram: @lpodlich !



  1. haha love the sides, so perfectly southern of you :) and all of your outfits are just gorge!

  2. That food sounds soooo good....more in part probably because I am starving and dinner is cooking right now, but really you can't go wrong with those things. I agree it has been unbearably hot around here lately.

    In other news, now that I know how close-ish Richmond is to Nova we should totally try and meet up sometime this summer!

  3. Not sure how I haven't discovered your blog sooner! Richmond? I'm in Raleigh! Your colorful Instagrams sold me! Oh and Comfort! SO GOOD!

    Found you via life lately!

    1. the best part of link ups- finding new bloggers- can't wait to check yours out dear!

  4. Summer Must Haves:
    1).Iced Coffee
    2).Burt's bees chap stick
    3). Jackie O sunglasses
    5). Rafting down the river

    Love your pics! The make summer not look so hot

  5. I'm loving this weekend collage... your outfits are so cute and fun! My summer must haves include Arnold Palmers, great books by the pool and J.Crew chino shorts!

  6. I'm in love with all of your outfits and accessories — I have to stop myself from liking every single one of your Instagram pics to not make myself seem like a weirdo!

    I'm from the Richmond area so it's so fun to read about all of your adventures there! Love, love, love your blog.

    1. hahah i do the same thing on instagram- i love it so much!

  7. Where did you find your coral necklace? You have to stop by and let me know! :)

  8. Duude those icee pops look amazing. It was sort of gloomy in La Jolla today, so I'm secretly kind of craving the really hot weather. :)

  9. Girl, it hit 103 degrees in Austin today! I was sweating in places that I didn't know existed!! GROSS!!! That beach picture is heaven! And you always wear the most fun outfits and necklaces! I need to come raid your closet!

  10. YAY! Thanks so much for linking up with us this week! Come back every other Monday! My summer necessity this year is the maxi skirt! I'm not a huge fan of shorts, but I love wearing summer dresses and maxi's are my fav! Where in the midwest are you from? I live in WI.

    1. no way- a WI blogger!! i'm from MN but went to college in madison! actually moving back to WI to live soon- what part are you from?!

  11. Love your Instagram photos. It looks like a fun weekend. Hope you can get used to the heat. It's getting pretty darn hot in Chicago now too! Thanks so much for linking up with us.

  12. Loving all of those pretty statement necklaces!!!

    Thanks for linking up with Life Lately!!

    The Weekend File

  13. Love the summer outfits and accessories! You have some pretty amazing necklaces! Also love the rainbow icees reminds me of my childhood!


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