Monday, June 4, 2012

mayphotoaday success!

Happy Monday you lovely people.
 Last night was perfect in RVA (read: no humidity) so after work Michael and I went out for Mexican and margaritas. Perfection, I tell you.
So, I hope you're all on Instagram, and I hope I follow you (if not, leave your name in the comments so I can!) because I love getting a look into peoples' days. Is that creepy? Maybe. I don't really know.

Now, I'm sure you've heard of the monthly Instagram challenges- and I know not everyone is big fan of them...but I actually started and finished the one for May by fat mum slim and I'm a little proud. It's kind of cool to look back at a month's worth of pictures and look at how you interpreted the theme of the day. My goal this month is to get a little more creative and a little more colorful.

here are 30 of my 31 days of May:

Are you participating in June's challenge?

*****Don't forget- you have until Wednesday to enter to win one of three pairs of GORGEOUS Fornash earrings. Enter the Fornash Giveaway HERE!


  1. ha! I just went to follow you and then I realized I already am following you!

  2. These are always so much fun, I think I need to do the june challenge. xo

  3. I am impressed! I can never finish the photo challenges! Love looking at all your IG pictures! And I am still keeping my toes and fingers crossed on winning those earrings! ;)

  4. You did much better than I did! I think I missed 5 days total! Great pictures!

    Not Exactly What I Planned...

  5. Mexican sounds really good right now! looks like you had a stylish month. :)
    Have a beautiful day, Hun!

  6. I just started following you on Instagram (agirlintheknow)... love your photos!!

  7. Wow! I never seem to finish a whole month, nice job! Love the outfit in picture number 3 :)

  8. What is the june challenge? I am a few days late, but would love to give it a try!


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