Thursday, June 21, 2012

etsy loves

I love Etsy.
[wow laura, way to make a generic and unoriginal statement]
No, but really.
I would say a GREAT majority of the gifts I've purchase for others (&myself) in the past two years have come from Etsy. I mean, if you're going to buy a creative print or jewelry, why not support awesome artists on Etsy? I could make a post 20+shops long, but these 4 are my favorite at the moment. Visit, click around, buy something pretty or inspiring & thank me later. 
When it comes to art, sometimes I feel like one Etsy shop runs into the next. Saying that seems funny, since art is supposedly such a personal and creative thing- but it seems like shop after shop comes up with the same typography charging ridiculous amounts for annoying "keep calm and ______" prints. Then I came across Pen and Paints through another blog, and my cynicism went away a little. Lindsay hand draws the images and then can digitally alter the following prints to the color you want. The vivid colors and inspiring words will have you hooked. You can see her drawing them if you click through her Etsy Shop. The best part, everything in her shop is around $20. I may or may not have bought 4 prints last night. Oops. Warning friends and family: I may have just ruined the surprise of your holiday/birthday gifts!
Find Pen and Paint on Twitter / Facebook / Blog 
to buy, click here

Y'all know I have an unhealthy love of jewelry. Chains have been everywhere lately, and I love the feminine spin Christina puts on them. If plain chains are your thing. you can get them for around $25, but if you like a little something extra, Christina has plenty of options. Most of her necklaces and bracelets feature different colors of ribbons (mint, neon, black- you name it!) and in case you question her fashion prowess- click through her Etsy shop to see just a few popular bloggers that have worn her baubles!
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click here to  buy!

I love this shop. It's small, but it is so, so sweet. Stephanie's shop is full of sweet garlands & other homemade party decor. With baby showers, bridal showers, and birthday parties being more and more "DIYed", the personal touches seem to matter more and more. The best part? Stephanie will customize the colors/length/lettering for anything in her shop! I seriously want a collection of those colorful flag cupcake toppers. 
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Rocks Paper Metal
WAIT. Before you go calling me unoriginal because they were recently featured on BaubleBar (shop special collection here) may I just say I actually did have them "favorited" on Etsy before that. Yeah. Great. Now you have me sounding like an annoying hipster saying "I listened to that band BEFORE they got mainstream".  Whatever. Tease away. Back on track: Diana and Kat have some seriously killer neon designs. Edgy, bright,  stunning; the items in their shop are the definition of "statement pieces". Their Tangelo Tear studs? Mine.
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PSST: these ladies are so cool that when i told them i was featuring their shop they said they'd offer all of you 10% off their shop! just use code RPMLOVESU at checkout! 
Which of the featured shops is your favorite?
...or is there another shop you'd recommend? 

xo, lp
* no, i wasn't paid or perked for this post, these are just some talented ladies with some awesome shops i thought i'd share! all pictures are from their respective etsy shops. why are you still reading this, go show them some love and tell 'em i sent you and say hi!


  1. Steph Loves Ben's shop is totally my style! I love all the felt!

  2. LOVE Christina M Boutique. I want everything!!!

  3. Laura...this wasn't nice. My credit card is about to hurt. ;) I love RPM and Cristina M. However, the Pen and Print shop is brand new to me, and TOO darling.

  4. Pen and Paint! I am a huge fan of posters, prints, etc. I love framing things and constant reminders!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  5. I love Etsy too! Christina M Boutique is definately my favorite. Thanks for sharing, these shops were all new to me!

  6. I just love Etsy. Thanks for sharing some new shops! I think I will have to spend my evening shopping them.

    So excited you are my partner in the bauble swap! You will be getting your lovely piece shortly :)

  7. i love etsy too! for christmas a couple years ago i bought everything handmade as gifts. i love the idea of getting something unique!

    i love those chevron state maps, i need some kind of ode to FL in my house :)and can't believe how affordable RPM is.


  8. What sweet finds! I adore the jewelry especially. Thanks for including me here :) Makes my heart happy!

  9. these are such great etsy shops! love christina m. boutique bunches :]


  10. Oh I adore the two jewelry shops! Etsy can be so dangerous - there are so many amazing finds! And congrats on the big move news!! If you need any NY suggestions, hopefully we can help :)

    sorelle in style

  11. Oh girl, this could be bad....really bad!! I think that last shop has my heart! This was an awesome post!! I think you should make this a bi-monthly or monthly feature!!! I LOVE finding new etsy stores and LOVE supporting independent artists!!

  12. They are amazing and I agree w shanna about doing it more. I love the last one alot. Too much actually that's not good. Haha. Also Stephan loves Ben is super cute too!

  13. I heart those prints from Pen and Paint!!!

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