Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY Collage Coasters

I have an unnecessary amount of coasters.
No, really. 

Between the DIY scrabble drink coasters I made a while back and the Minnesota themed ones, I have enough coasters to have a small army over for a very condensation-free dinner party.
So what did I do while at the dollar store a while back? Well, pick up some tile coaster bases, naturally.
 Why not add to the coaster hoarding problem?
 I stashed them away and completely forgot about them, because my craft boxes are black holes...but found them a while back and decided to do something with them. Since we're moving, I decided it was finally time to cut up some old clothing catalogues we didn't need to bring with us (sorry J.Crew and Lands' End!). After longingly gazing at all the pretty clothes I'd missed out on, I cut out my favorite colors and patterns:
I cut them up into a ridiculous amount of squares and started separating them out by color, with the intention of making a gradating color pattern: 
After a quick dry-run to make sure I had cut the squares to evenly line up, I simply started using my trusty gluestick to adhere the squares. Difficult, right?
I decided to make one a more green-blue-purple, and one a yellow-orange-red-pink-purple, sealing both with a two layers of Mod Podge:
So here they are folks:

I happen to be madly in love with them. Yeah. Coasters. Madly in love. Deal with it. For some reason it makes me happy to recognize some of my favorite patterns (like the blue lobster seen above from a pair of preppy men's chinos). 

What do you think?
Anyone else a coaster hoarder? No? ::crickets:: Fine.

xo, lp

p.s it's my last day of work today (ah!).


  1. These are really cute! Dod you put some kinda overcoat on them?

    1. Oh my gosh yes, totally realized I didn't add that! I layered two coats of ModPodge over them! :)

  2. These are super cute!!!
    Love all the colors and patterns! I have made some recently too to give away!

  3. Coaster hoarder. Right here. You are not alone! I just made some Chevron coasters the other night!! Posting my DIY soon. :) Love the ones you made!

  4. I also have an unnecessary amount of coasters! And I'm always seeing even more cute ones that I want to get and then my husband has to remind me that not only do we have a thousand coasters, but we rarely have guests over to use them. Currently we have Bruins ones, John Wayne (obviously belonging to the husband), and then those ones you write on in chalk. BUT I STILL WANT MORE!!!


  5. These are so cute!! Will the modpodge keep them waterproof from glasses??

    1. I second that-- will modpodge keep them waterproof, or does it require some sort of epoxy resin or acrylic sealant spray on top?

    2. The modpodge is waterproof! I've had these coasters for a couple years now and they look good as new and are waterproof!

  6. Love the way they turned out!!! Such a good idea.


  7. You are so creative Laura! So glad you posted this since I've been looking for a coaster DIY for my new apartment. :]

  8. So creative missy!!! love it! I need some coasters so might have to try this!


  9. These are so cute. I just love the bright colors. Great DIY.

  10. Very cute coaster. Creative genius.

  11. So cute and creative! Thanks for sharing!

  12. OH MY GOSH!! I love these! I am probably going to copy you and make these this week!! How the crap did you get all your squares to be the same size though?!

  13. Love it.
    Brilliant usage of magazines. ( I always feel like I have to apologize to mine as well!)
    Tausha has a good question.

  14. Adorable and such a great idea! Thanks for sharing, I'm thinking this would be great for gifts!

  15. Ironically, just yesterday I made a note to make or buy some coasters. Had no idea what I wanted till now. Yours are adorable and perfect for any decor. Guess I'm the only one who hasn't hoarded coasters, Lol. I'll be making these a.s.a.p. and thanks for sharing your ideas, you have bunches of talent!


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