Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday's Fancies #24: Short & Sweet

Here's the deal:
I don't own any nice pairs of shorts.
I know, you're all thinking "we don't really care Laura". That's fine. I just thought I'd state it. 
Other than running/workout shorts, I own zero pairs. My summer wardrobe is full of dresses..but  JCrew's shorts this season are seriously making me reconsider my past summer clothing choices.

Their chino & twill shorts come in every color imaginable....
 Which color would you snag for summer?
(I'll take the kelly green & coral please)



  1. No shorts girl? You totally need a pair of these colored shorts. You could totally rock them! However, I prefer a dress too. Ha. I'd go with the coral and hot pink. Those are my favs! Happy Weekend Girl!

  2. i love this rainbow collection of colored shorts! i'll take the yellow ones ;)

    - l

  3. You need to try these shorts! I live in the 3" shorts! And they come in so many fun colors this summer. I have at least five pairs!

  4. I have been thinking about getting a pair of these too! All of the colors are so fun! The purple, coral, and blue are my favorites.

  5. Love them all! I don't know how I'd choose just one! But I'm really loving the orange...a color I KNOW I can't pull off up top or allover but as shorts it'd probably work out well ;)

  6. I just bought these in hot pink and have seriously been wearing them every day. They are one of the best pair of shorts I have purchased in a long time. Super comfy and just the perfect length and cut. I HIGHLY recommend. I want them in every color now!!

  7. i will def take one of each! love all of them. i have the purple ones & obsessed with them!


  8. Those purple ones were on sale for 29.99 last week. Snagged them up, naturally. Love them all! Perfect summer staple.

  9. Love the colorful shorts! Old Navy has some too. Perfect for summer!


  10. Don't know why, but colored shorts / pants are not pushing any buttons for me this season. It seems too fad-dish for me. Is "fad-dish" even a word? lol But I loved looking at them and wondering. I'm not trying to be icky, I'm just saying that it's not for me, but others can certainly go for it. Thank you for sharing, too! :D

  11. I definitely don't own too many shorts, more than ZERO though like you!!! Lol!!! :) Very cute finds! I love all these colors but I think my favorites would be the pale pink & coral. Those would probably make me look the most tan too haha :) Have a great weekend!

  12. J. Crew's shorts seriously are amazing this season! I saw the neon pair in person and fell in love! :)

    sorelle in style

  13. i'm seriously the same, all i wear is dresses and skirts-- and i feel like im getting too "old" to wear cutoff jean shorts anymore. i did just pick up two from the canvas sale the day they were $12, and I really like the length/fit. i really want to buy a bright color from j. crew :)

  14. Ah, I adore JCrew. :) I'd have to agree with you on the coral shorts option. My name is Ana with, we recently launched our Facebook site, we're a place to share your style with friends and fans (like us!) and help create even more buzz about your blog. Because let's face it, people should be seeing more B&B. :)
    Email me:

  15. not going to lie i'm pretty sure i have ever color except for the yellow and purple...i have a problem haha. they are just so comfortable and the best pop of color!

    xo SideSmile,

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  16. Girl, I snagged the neon pink ones from the J.Crew outlet and wore them on the blog today! ;) I am head over heels for them all! Your shorts round up looks like your blog button!! :) Love all the color!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  17. I'm loving all the colors! I just pulled the trigger on a pair of neon pink shorts (although much cheaper than the JCrew variety), and I'm in love!


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