Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Fancies #26: Colorblock

I've officially been participating in {av's} Friday's Fancies for 1/2 a year. Wow...where did time go?! 
As you can see from last week's Friday's Fancies, I've suddenly warmed up (hah, summer pun) to the whole pink and orange combination. The theme this week was colorblocking, and it wasn't hard to find a whole array of gorgeous colorblocked pieces....

1. This Madwell Colorblock Tank looks too comfortable to be true. Anyone own it & can attest to it?
2. Um, the first person to send me this Street Level envelope clutch is my new best friend. Seriously.
3. Bauble Bar has by far the best summer baubles. These boho drops are colorful bits of heaven.
4. If my budget allowed it, this Roksanda Ilinic skirt would be mine in a heartbeat. Le sigh.
5. This Big Buddha bag rocks. My current go-to bag is already a black hole, may as well switch it for something more colorful!
6. J.Crew, why must your shoes be so perfect? Loving these colorblocked flats.

Have a happy weekend everyone!
(stay cool! i know we're melting in the 95+ heat here!)
xo, lp


  1. I wish I could afford that skirt too!!! Holy it all! A++ and a Gold Star for you!

  2. love the big buddha bag - i want one!

    - lauren

  3. Everything looks so cute!! I'd wear it all!

    Happy (almost) weekend :)

  4. Ooo I love all the colors. Perf for summer. I want those flats!

  5. I am just droooooling over all of these fabulous color blocking outfits I'm seeing...wouldn't be nice if we could just click on an outfit and it would magically appear in our closet? That would be the life. Happy weekend!

  6. That clutch is divine!

  7. I would love to have those two bags!

  8. Yes to everything! Love your picks girl!

  9. Those colors! That tank does look comfortable, and love the flats!


  10. My Friday Fancies will be up later, and I too did a pink and orange combination, with red as well. I seriously am in love with all of J Crew's shoes. Always. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Cheers, Elizabeth @ The Corner Apartment

  11. That clutch is to die for. If two someones happen to send you that little gem, feel free to pass one along to me :) Have a great weekend!

  12. i love this colorblock board!! seriously can i have all the items please and not have my bank account become negative?

  13. I love every...single...item! The clutch, the bag, the skirt, the shirt...I'll take it all!

  14. We used some of the same pieces...the skirt, the earrings :) Why does that skirt have to be so freaking much?! I want! Happy Friday, girl!

  15. Just love these colors and that bag is perfect! Have a great weekend!

  16. Gorgeous colours! I love the flats :)

    Laura xo

  17. What cute picks this week! I went for the pink and orange this week too. I love the combo. Stacie xo

  18. I also chose that skirt in my Friday's Fancies mix :) And I love those flats! Super cute! Have a great week.


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