Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY lyric canvas, Take #1

        If I were to link all the DIY lyric canvases/prints I've seen on blogs, Pinterest, and Etsy- this post would be reeeeally long. Thus, I won't link up to all of them- but if you peruse my Pinterest boards, you'd probably find some. I thought I'd try making one with a bright color and a good old Beatles quote to hang somewhere in our apartment. Here's what I ended up with---but it took a while to get there....another title for this post could be "CONTACT PAPER FAIL" or "ANGRY LAURA".

First I printed out my letters and cut them out...

Then traced them out onto contact paper:

After I decided where I wanted my quote to be, I peeled back the contact paper backing and went for it!
The problem became clear instantly. THE CONTACT PAPER WOULDN'T STICK.
Like...not at all. Slid right off. Sorry for the CAPS lock freakout, but I was a little annoyed. I specifically told the lady at Ben Franklin Crafts I needed the contact paper for making canvases and she assured me this would work. HAH. LIES. Man, this is why I need to stick to Michael's Crafts.
I attempted to paint around the letters while holding them down...which...sort of worked...
After a few little touch ups with white paint it didn't look too shabby! I used acrylic paint and instead of painting another layer to make it a full, solid orange I left all the brushstrokes visible. Rather than over think it- I just decided to let it be. Hah. Catch that pun there? Yes, it was annoying. Deal with it. 
Now of course I have to figure out what else to hang up with it- but for now it's chillin' in our dining room. 16x20 painting, meet HUGE wall.  I'm not 100% on the orange, but for now I'm liking the bright spot it adds to the room.
What lyric would you make on YOUR canvas? 

xo, lp


  1. I LOVE to see when other people have issues with their crafts. I feel like every time I try something I end up with these sorts of issues. your touch up worked wonders because I think it looks great. My own touch up attempts usually just create new problems.

    And now I'm really pondering what line I would hang.

    My first thought is "it is well with my soul." I love that old hymn and whenever I sing it it's not so much a "I'm singing this because it feel like everything's great!" but more of a slow, calming mantra to remind me that whatever has me flustered today, in reality, it is well with my soul. God loves me deeply and all will be well in the end in all the ways that truly matter. And I really do need more reminders of that in my day.

    Hmm, now you have me motivated to make that. ...when to find the time... Could you please stop posting wonderful things? You're making my to do list too long.

    1. Haha of course dear, I'll stop posting good stuff- just for you :)
      Oh, and I fail at plenty of DIYs, I just don't always share them on here...i'll be sure to do more of those!!!

  2. Next time, try your cut out letters glued to the canvas by a glue stick. Then, paint over. When you're done, the paint will have made the paper gooey and you can peel them right up, while still maintaining your line. Works like a charm!


    1. amazing idea, i will SO TRY IT! thank yoU!

  3. I love that! So annoying though that the paper wouldn't stick--uggh! What did that Ben Franklin lady know?!

    I would love to make something like this. Hmm.....but what song...maybe one of the songs from our wedding. Unforgettable...that's what you are? Or The Sweetest Thing? I'll get back to you on that one!

  4. I love this Laura! You did such a good job! I really admire how hard you work on all these DIYs girl!

  5. Love the quote! It came out really nice considering the contract paper didn't work as intended but isn't that what DIY is all about? Sometimes I catch myself laughing out loud at DIY projects I attempt :) So this would be a big winner in my book!

    1. you're so right, that is what DIY is all about!!!

  6. I love it because you just 'Let It Be' that, girl! It turned out super fab! My lyric canvas would be "Carry On" by Pat Green.
    Because Shanna Said So

  7. What a fun DIY! Love that & the color!!

  8. #1 imperfections are perfect
    #1.5 you could probably go over the letters with white paint if you HATED it
    #2 great lyric
    #3 I did a full lyric canvas (30 x 40) and it is crazy intimidating 9canvas ain't cheap) so I totally feel you on being annoyed
    #4 Lovely post


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