Thursday, March 8, 2012

KONy 2012

                   Have you heard about the Invisible Children MAKE KONY FAMOUS campaign?

Hopefully you have, because a lot of bloggers have been posting about it lately! The following video moved me to my core, and I hope it will have the same effect on you. It's 30 minutes long. With 4G phones, high speed internet, and other forms of fast, immediate gratification forms of social media we aren't trained to give up 30 minutes of our time on one thing anymore. Please, watch. Get off Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook. Mute the TV or Pandora. Take 30 minutes of your life to learn something and make a change.

(Picture found on a newfound treasure)

thank you for watching. knowledge is power, y'all.
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  1. Love this, Laura! I watched it on my lunch break yesterday at my desk and could barely hold back the tears. Such an amazing cause.

  2. I watched it last night. So extremely powerful. And the voice social media has given the video is amazing.


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