Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So here's what's up.
This weekend I shared this picture on Instagram:
Since then I have gotten comments and tweets to send them in the mail, or allow for drop by guests to enjoy them. I don't blame you all. My knock-off Reese's PB Eggs rock. It's just a fact. 

Now, for those of you who are B&B lifers, you may say WAIT. LAURA. You made these last Easter. Gold stars and brownie points to you, rockstars!!! I did indeed. 

So why am I bringing them up again? A few reasons:
1. This is the only Easter recipe I have up my sleeve
2. These are delicious and everyone needs to make them
3. I had enough people ask for the recipe that I thought I'd remind you all of it!

This year I made a ton of tiny eggs too. Partially because they're cute, and partially because everyone I work with is a health nut and I knew if I made only big ones, they'd never  get eaten. 
 I promise by next Easter I'll have a new recipe! 

What's your go-to Easter treat?
If you like Reeses, you MUST make these!

xo, lp

really like peanut butter? you've gotta try my chocolate peanut butter cupcakes & my peanut butter chocolate oreo pops!


  1. Reeses are my fave, so I definitely want to try these out. YUM! You make the cutest things, I'm convinced.


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