Thursday, March 14, 2013


So here's what's up:
If you follow this blog closely, you know I'm the most impatient crafter EVER. 
I don't like waiting for paint to dry. I don't like measuring perfect lines. 
I have had a random collection of frames for 7 months. Yes. SEVEN MONTHS. I've been meaning to make a gallery wall grouping, but am so damn impatient that I didn't want to take the time to measure/hang/etc the proper way. Thus, we've had a blank wall and a big ol' box full of frames kicking around. 
I want to run around fistpumping because I FINALLY got the grouping done. I might still add to it, but at least we don't have a naked wall anymore!

Here's how I (finally) did it, after checking out countless magazines/blogs:

Step 1: Lay out your frames on the floor and move 'em around until you like the look.

Step 2: Using old newspapers, measure pieces the size of your frames:

(do one for each!)

Step 3: Mark where your nail will need to be on the newspaper. Don't act like you haven't eyeballed hanging something before and it ends up being 2 inches lower or high than you anticipated...

Step 4: Hang those up with some painter's tape...
Step 5:...and put your nails in where the dots you marked!

 Step 6: Rip those papers away and hang your pretty art up! 
(And for the love of god, use a level. I promise I did after I took these pictures. Must. Fix. Crooked. Frames.)

Look how lovely it all is! 
 Please note: YES, there are a ton of different color frames. I kind of like it. I kind of don't. I have white, black, and gold spray paint ready juuuuust in case. 

I love gallery walls because every time I walk by a different print/picture catches my eye. Lately it's been my favorite custom "Choose Joy" print from Pen  & Paint.

This grouping includes prints from favorite shops, paintings by my sister & myself, cards from friends & family, gifts from loved ones. Thanks to any of you who see your stuff up there :) 

What art do you have in your home that you love?
I'm always looking to add & change art- so share shop links in the comments section!

xo, lp


  1. This is so great! I was planning on doing a similar post at some point too, mainly because it too me FOREVER to get the gallery wall in my room "just right." I love all the prints you used too–Etsy always has the best ones!

    The Glossy Life

  2. SO easy! I need to start my collection and get to creating my own gallery wall!

  3. So flipping cute! Honored to be part of the mix:)

  4. I love gallery walls! I'm thinking about doing one in our house.


  5. i love your gallery wall! i think its the perfect way to combine two people's personal pictures/tastes too :)

  6. Looks awesome. I like the idea of spray painting some of the frames. I think gold and black would look great. Or even gold, black, and wood.

  7. It looks Amazing !!
    I have a lot of frames...diff shades laying eggs in my house..
    Looks like m gonna use 'em now !

    And this is what is currently on my wall(s):


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