Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not so sweet tea

People drink sweet tea like water here.

I had never had sweet tea before coming to Richmond, and when I told my coworkers that they just about fainted in shock. No, really. I got so many "ARE YOU KIDDING!?"s and "WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU DRINK!?!?"s when I told them at our Holiday meeting that it became clear I could no longer keep my sweet tea virginity if I was going to live here.

Today our DM took my boss and me out to lunch and of course, I was forced to try my first ever sweet tea. From the way people had been talking about it I was expecting some major liquid magic. I took a sip...and well, it tasted like tea...and it tasted sweet. That's about it. Shocking, eh? I mean, it wasn't bad at all, but I felt like if I drank too much more I was going to be on a sugar high for a week! My boss said I just need to get used to it, so when that happens I let you know.

I think I'll stick to milk, which should make my mother (and bones/teeth/waistline) very happy.

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