Wednesday, November 9, 2011

White Walls

We have a LOT of open white wall space in our apartment. 
We have as much white space as Idaho has potatoes. 
We have as much white space as Iowa has corn.
We have as much white space as Wisconsin has cows.

Okay, I'll stop with the U.S. State similes (not that I couldn't...or wouldn't... go on all day).
We have a few things starting to cover bits of the walls:

A few IKEA frames above the IKEA bed.

 Framed state cutouts (you can buy them here in any color, any state from THIS Etsy Shop- Ashley Pahl!

This Penguin from Kelly (along with some adorable mini ones I bought back in Madison)

This chalkboard we got at IKEA (with more state and penguin love on it)
Oh, and yes, it DOES say "Baseball Bat 4 Hittingz" on our to-buy list because we are simultaneous safety conscious and still evidently stuck in Middle School AIM speech mode

These state magnets adorn our fridge (in geographically correct locations, thanks to Michael).  We buy one every time we visit a new state together...yup, we're total nerds. I'm worse than he is though, every time I look at this picture I get annoyed our Nevada one is missing...

The rest of our pictures/art line the floor around the apartment in random places like the few shown below:

 We're currently in search of a HUGE world map to put on the 17 foot high wall in the living room. If you spot a cheap one, please let us know!

Or rather, in Middle School AIM speech: If U C 1 4 little $, plz let us knw! Thnx!

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