Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tape Art

In case you haven't caught on by the 23948230 times I've mentioned it, we have too much white space goin' on in our apartment. The huge walls are overwhelming, so I decided to start with the little nook under the stairs by our dining room table. I found this picture on Pinterest and decided to turn it into a triptych!

All you need for this craft is:

3 canvases (I used 16" by 20")
Painter's tape
1 small paintbrush
Acrylic paint

Step 1: Lay out your canvases side by side.
 Step 2: Begin randomly laying strips of tape across the three canvases, making sure to keep the canvases tightly together.
 It'll seem like a lot of blue space from the tape- but the more crossing lines the better!
 Once your canvases look like a Rhianna-inspired bondage outfit, you know you've done it right!
 Step 3: Begin to paint your base color over the tape (I mixed up a light grey- super bold, I know)

 Leave a few triangles out to be filled in with your accent color. (I filled mine in with a medium grey-blue)
 Step 4: Give the paint a minute or two to set, and then take off the tape to reveal your lovely pattern. Wait until the paint is fully dry and then fix any errors/paint leaking under the tape.

 Step 5: Hang a few inches apart (juuust close enough to see that the lines are meant to connect), and enjoy!

I got the canvases and paint on sale from Michael's - so these three all together cost about $6. Plus, if we get sick of the design, or I suddenly decide to be exciting and use brighter colors, I can just paint the canvases all over in white and start again! (or wrap them to look like gifts for the holidays...)


  1. LOVE! This is one of the pins I especially liked as well. You did such a great job and love that you used 3 canvases. I'd say you're doing quite well on filling up the white space :)

  2. Thanks Carly! These are the easiest things on earth to make, I can't believe I waited this long to make them!

  3. I was wondering how many layers of paint you had to use..?? After doing one coat I could see right thru it and could see the swipe marks. I'm on my 5th layer of paint. Hopefully I don't have to do much more.

    1. Hi heather!
      If you're using a good acrylic paint and foam brush it shouldn't take any more than 2-3 coats. If it's taking that many layers I would suggest trying a different acrylic paint! Hope that helps!

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