Monday, November 14, 2011

You've got mail.

Michael and I are super lucky because we have amazing friends and family that understand our love for REAL mail, and since the move we've gotten lots of love in the form of cards and packages. We've been returning the favor by sending postcards when we go to new places around the South. After sending out a recent batch I remembered some vintage postcards I had purchased in MN and WI before we left:

 As you can see, we have the capitol buildings in Madison and Saint Paul, as well as a fun "Greetings from St.Paul" postcard in the middle. The absolute best part about buying postcards from antique shops is that if you're lucky, you find a used one that was actually sent- and you can capture a minute in time for the life of someone out there.

       This first card sent from Merrill, Wisconsin in 1915. YUP. 1915.  I didn't realize it when I first purchased it- I thought it was old because it was sent when the new capitol building was built (first showing to the public in 1915). The date in the lower left corner says 11/15- but  I was confused that the cost was 2 cents, since I thought postage only increased in price- and the other one I have was from 1949 and cost 1 cent. I did some research and it turns out that ~1915-1917 the cost of postage went up to 2 cents, and then a few years later went back down to 1 cent! I know, exciting, right? The other giveaway was the white border- which was used from 1915-1930- starting during WWI to save money on ink! (See y'all, it's not just Michael that gives History lessons out left and right!)
- sent from WI to MA " Dear Grandpa, Have been up in Wisc about a week. Will pro[b]ably be up here until after Thanksgiving. Hope you are well, Kenneth"
 This one was clearly sent in 1949 from St. Paul, and the writing on it is so great!
"Hi Don!! Plenty cold here but on the move so it isn't so bad. Attending Winter Carnival here and it is beautiful. Everyone is in a gala mood- a regular Mardi Gras. - Elenor"
 My plan is to frame them, but I love both sides of them so much I can't decide which to frame! We'll definitely be going to antique shops out here and hopefully I'll be able to find some old Virginia ones too.

All this being said, don't hold yourself back in sending us some more mail folks :) !


  1. I love the layout of your blog. The plaid and colors are amazing.Your pictures are very interesting!


  3. Thanks so much for the compliment and for stopping by the blog!


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