Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks Jar Part 2!

We hope you all had healthy and happy Thanksgivings! 

We ate SO much- and will definitely be sharing what we dined on soon!! First, I've got to share with you all the outcome of our Thanks Jar! Michael and I were both really good about filling out a slip or two every day in November- and it was so much fun taking turns picking one at random and reading it out. 

Here's the big stack (yes, I'll zoom in on some favorites!):

 Keep in mind we never told each other what we were writing down. As you can see below I wrote "I'm thankful for whisky" and Michael had written "things to mix with whisky" AND "whisky" on another. Yup.
 With the Packers being amazing as usual I had a few Pack-inspired ones. Including writing about Clay Matthews TWICE. Oops. Maybe one of them was the whisky talking. Of course, I also had one about Greg Jennings' smile. Google it people. He is one handsome man.
 A few of Michael's included "Bacon" and "Butter"....

Don't worry, I won't show all the mushy-lovey ones, there's no need for that. Friends, Family, and Followers, we are all thankful for you!!

We'd love to chat more, but we both work retail and it's Black Friday. Wish us luck..


  1. ah, so this post randomly popped up in "you might also like" and i'm DEFINITELY making kyle do this with me in november. so sweet :)

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