Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Last night we were out watching the Packer game and were disappointed yet again that the fried appetizer menu didn't include cheese curds. I mean, we understand we're not in Wisconsin anymore, but there is just something about eating greasy cheese curds and drinking a good old WI beer while watching the Packers dominate whatever team they're playing...

Michael's uncle Todd recently opened a restaurant in Oregon, WI (facebook link to find out more about it here!) and so Michael decided it would be a good idea to open up a Midwest cuisine place here in the South. You know, everything fried or cheese covered! After 2 Miller Lites last night this was the decision:

Michael: "....and we'll call it.......'MIDWEST...bitch!'.

I know, eloquent, right?

Any single thing on the menu has the option of being served fried. Yup. Promoting the American Obesity Crisis folks, that's what we're all about here.


  1. Open it and they will come...thanks for the CC shout out. Still kind of strange to see the words: Uncle Todd opened a restaurant. LOL. Bring on the cheese curds. I've got to figure out how to wrap up our amazing Frozen Custard in some dry ice and get it to you! How about those Packers?


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