Thursday, September 13, 2012


I'm so not fun or fancy when it comes to bags. I switch back and forth between two purses...sometimes throwing in a clutch if I'm feeling fancy. My day to day at work is actually a tote, so there- look at me mixing it up! Woo!
I've decided it's time to grow up and actually invest in a nice bag for fall. Here are a few that have caught my eye:

Now, some of these are wayyy out of my budget ::tear:: but the majority are really a great deal!

Row 4: Yellow ASOS Bucket Tote //  CSC Mobile Satchel in Yellow // Kate Spade Street Hadley

Which bag would you go for?
The practical girl in me says something in the brown or black family, but the less lame one says to go for the orange Kate Spade....

xo, lp


  1. Black or brown is definitely the way to go as far as an "investment" bag... I love the Madewell Transport tote. Looks chic but still practical.

  2. I need a new bag on the asap. preferably one that is free.

  3. I'm craving a new rich brown leather bag.... Then I see that orange kate spade... ugh. what to do what to do.

  4. I really like that Philip Lim bag.

  5. Oh man that 3rd bag in the 2nd row is making me drool. So classic! I love satchels any time of the year :)


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