Monday, September 10, 2012


This last week was a super busy one. Not having Monday to do work just made everything that much more crazy, didn't it?
The weather has been GORGEOUS in Madison, and Saturday was the first day that had that little twinge of fall in it. In case you haven't gathered by all my babbling, I need some fall weather in my life. Now.
Here's what's up lately:

I don't know if it's the heat or what, but my usual gigantic necklaces have been replaced with simple ones like this gold locket from HibiscusDays

This recipe will be featured on the blog tomorrow, get ready:

I'm kind of sure that Claire Vivier makes some of the most gorgeous clutches. Like this gold one:

(photo via shopbop)*

I got to see my lovely friend Brianna this weekend, and after beer and conversation we got to see a pretty rainstorm over the capitol:
Saturday morning was spent with one of my sisters and my niece Lydia. She's completely in love with Michael, especially when he let's her ride up on his shoulders. She kept yelling "Giddyup Unca Michael!", and giggling like crazy. Pure joy:
This week at work favorites? Colorblocking and polka dots:

What did your weekend look like?
If it included that clutch, you are one lucky person. Le sigh.

xo, lp

*All other pictures are via Instagram (@lpodlich)


  1. Love that clutch and your niece is adorable! I love that picture of her and Michael!


  2. Checking you out from the Weekend Update link-up and loving it! Especially your outfit photos from the weekend-gorgeous!

    Bethanee @ TheBBLife

  3. I was at blogshop all weekend so I didn't do much other than that, eat paleo and sleep.

  4. I love that clutch!!!

  5. So much to love here! I love that first photo with the simple necklace. And I can't wait to see that recipe! Also adore the polka dot skirt...but then again I'm a polka dot kind of girl. Love your blog. Popping over from Weekend Update.

  6. I love the clutch and sometimes there's nothing like a simple elegant piece of jewelry... and you know how much I love my statement pieces. My nephew loves Uncle Nate... he is his favorite person ever since Bubbs was a baby. And fall... oh please show up now!


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