Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Fancies #36: BTS

Am I going back to school? 
I graduated college a few years ago, so there ain't no more first days of school for this girl (Although I did just use "ain't", so maybe I should be going back?). 
I'm still going to participate in FF this week, even if it's back to school themed. Here's my ideal (and slightly impractical) first day of school outfit:

 This. Shirt. Is. Perfect. Coral cotton and silk voile joy. Am I being dramatic? Duh, but it's gorgeous. Very first day of school worthy. Or any first day of anything worthy.

I talk about Gorjana a lot because the jewelry is great quality and gorgeous. My favorite necklace is from there, and this Taner Shimmer necklace is next on my list. Simple, yet gorgeous and completely noticeable.

This Madewell Heritage Tote is kind of perfect for hauling around all your books/laptop/etc.Neutral so it goes with everything- basic but classy.

I know I have Tory flats a lot on the blog, but it's because I'm living vicariously through my FF outfits. These suede blue Reva flats are so lovely. I mean. they're blue suede shoes people- you know they're good if there's a song about them.

Skirts this short might not be the best for school, but like I said- I ain't going to school anymore, so I can make this outfit whatever I want. I can see this Madewell skirt going great with a whole lotta things (chambray, anyone?).

I love this ASOS watch. I know monograms are everywhere- but this seems somehow...grown up? I might be totally making that up. Get yours here.

Would you wear this look back to school?
(Or wear it watching others have to go back to school)



  1. Cute outfit. Love, love, love this top! And it's paired perfectly with this adorable skirt. Even though we aren't in school anymore we can still create a fabulous back to school outfit! Have a great weekend!

  2. I am beyond obsessed with your outfit Laura! Omg! Want it all. That top + that skirt, so cute!!


  3. this is amazing and basically needs to come live in my closet!

  4. ok. that's it. STOP.

    My wallet is sad. Well, it's happy actually since my Gorjana shopping spree, but..seriously ;)

  5. Sign me up for this outfit please. TB Reva flats are amazing so I don't blame you for always having them on your blog. Happy weekend!

  6. I would totally wear this back to school! I miss planning out my first day of school outfit...whether it was elementary, middle or high school, or college. Now that I'm working there doesn't seem like there is a new 'start' to the year. It just never ends...

  7. I love this outfit. The skirt is so cute. And I'm kind of loving the watch! I'm not heading back to school, but that doesn't mean I'm not obsessed with a few new fall outfits as "back to school clothes"!

  8. I would totally wear this! that coral top and Madewell tote are calling my name!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  9. Love that tote! Such a classic look!

  10. That shirt is SO cute but $99?! That's just insane. A really cute outfit though for sure! :)

  11. OH MY GOD. I love the skirt -- totally LOOVE it!! Great little round up for a BTS outfit! You can still pretend, right? Have a fabulous weekend, Laura!

  12. Oh my gosh -- LOVE this outfit. And those Tory Burch flats? I die... So beautiful!

  13. Oh I love this outfit! So comfy and cute!

  14. I kind of really love that necklace. xo

  15. I really love that bag. New follower here. :)


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